Alice Hillis

Public Health Institute

My PhD is exploring the motivations, behaviours and UK public health implications of people who travel for sex (PWTFS) to Thailand. It aims to build upon existing research but developing a new framework that maps out contemporary sex tourism. The research will investigate the role of globalisation and the internet in allowing UK citizens to access Thailand's sex tourism industry, explore perceptions around the short and long term public health impact of sex tourism on the UK and establish the unmet needs of sex tourists in public health and social policy, clinical practice and sexual health programmes. The research will take place across Liverpool, Manchester and London, comparing and contrasting trends across the different regions.


2018, Liverpool John Moores University, UK, MSc, International Public Health
2012, University of Nottingham, UK, BA, History

Journal article

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Conference presentation:

Education and Emergencies: Migration and child labour in Nepal in the time of Covid-19, British Nepal NGO Organisations (BRANNGO) Webinar, online, Oral presentation. 2020