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Dr Kimberley Ross-Houle

Dr Kimberley Ross-Houle

Telephone: 0151 231 4327


Kim is a Researcher in Public Health and specialises in research into alcohol and substance use and qualitative methods. She has conducted research with a number of vulnerable groups including dependent substance users, injecting drug users, those who are homeless and families in unsuitable and unstable housing.

Kim’s research interests include gendered experiences of urban spaces, sociology of identity, as well as gendered health related issues such as substance use. She is also interested in developing participatory led research projects and developing visual methods.

Kim completed her PhD entitled 'Women's Lived Experiences and Perceptions of Representation and Identity in Urban Space; A Case Study of Liverpool, UK' at the University of Liverpool and also has a BA (hons) in Sociology and an MA in Cities, Culture and Regeneration.


2016, University of Liverpool, United Kingdom, PhD, Urban and Cultural Sociology
2009, University of Liverpool, United Kingdom, MA, Cities, Culture and Regeneration
2008, University of Liverpool, United Kingdom, BA (hons), Sociology