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Dr Kyoko Yamaguchi

Dr Kyoko Yamaguchi

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Journal article

Moromizato K, Kimura R, Fukase H, Yamaguchi K, Ishida H. 2016. Whole-body patterns of the range of joint motion in young adults: masculine type and feminine type JOURNAL OF PHYSIOLOGICAL ANTHROPOLOGY, 35 >DOI >Link

Yamauchi T, Kimura R, Kawaguchi A, Sato T, Yamaguchi K, Toma T, Miyamoto K, Fukase H, Yamaguchi T, Ishida H. 2016. A comparative study of craniofacial measurements between Ryukyuan and mainland Japanese females using lateral cephalometric images Anthropological Science, 124 >DOI

Suzuki S, Sunagawa M, Shindo M, Kimura R, Yamaguchi K, Sato T, Yoneda M, Nagaoka T, Saiki K, Wakebe T, Hirata K, Tsurumoto T, Ishida H. 2016. Degenerative changes in the appendicular joints of ancient human populations from the Japan Islands Quaternary International, 405 :147-159 >DOI

Sato T, Nakagome S, Watanabe C, Yamaguchi K, Kawaguchi A, Koganebuchi K, Haneji K, Yamaguchi T, Hanihara T, Yamamoto K, Ishida H, Mano S, Kimura R, Oota H. 2014. Genome-wide SNP analysis reveals population structure and demographic history of the ryukyu islanders in the southern part of the japanese archipelago Molecular Biology and Evolution, 31 :2929-2940 >DOI

Miyazato E, Yamaguchi K, Fukase H, Ishida H, Kimura R. 2014. Comparative analysis of facial morphology between Okinawa Islanders and mainland Japanese using three-dimensional images. Am J Hum Biol, 26 :538-548 >DOI >Link

Yamaguchi K, Watanabe C, Kawaguchi A, Sato T, Naka I, Shindo M, Moromizato K, Aoki K, Ishida H, Kimura R. 2012. Association of melanocortin 1 receptor gene (MC1R) polymorphisms with skin reflectance and freckles in Japanese Journal of Human Genetics, 57 :700-708 >DOI

Yamaguchi K, Holman DJ. 2010. Longitudinal analysis of permanent tooth emergence in Japanese children Anthropological Science, 118 :141-149 >DOI

Holman DJ, Yamaguchi K. 2005. Longitudinal analysis of deciduous tooth emergence: IV. Covariate effects in Japanese children American Journal of Physical Anthropology, 126 :352-358 >DOI

Engagement & Impact

Conference presentation:

Reconsidering genetics of skin pigmentation in East Asia, the 4th Workshop of Biological Anthropologists, University of Oxford, Oral presentation 13/01/2017

Genome-wide association study on cephalic form in Japanese, the 13th International Congress of Human Genetics, Kyoto International Conference Center, Kyoto, Japan, Poster presentation 03/04/2016

Genetic studies on human visible traits, The 3rd Workshop of Biological Anthropologists, Institute of Archaeology, University of Oxford, Oral presentation 11/01/2016

Genome-wide association analysis of cephalic form in modern Japanese, RNMH2014 The Second International Conference on Replacement of Neanderthals by Modern Humans: Testing Evolutionary Models of Learning. Poster presentation, The Cultural Center in the city of Date, Date City, Hokkaido, Japan:, Poster presentation 01/12/2014

Identification of genetic polymorphisms related to skin reflectance in the Japanese population., The 83rd Annual Meeting of the American Association of Physical Anthropology, . Calgary, Canada: Hyatt Regency Calgary and Telus Convention Center., Poster presentation 11/04/2014

Public engagement:

Asahigaoka High School, Aichi, Japan, lecture for high school students, lecture, high school students, invited speaker, 15/06/2016

Manchester Museum, Science Uncovered at Manchester Museum, demonstration, General public who visited Manchester Museum, Presenter, 02/10/2015

Conference organisation:

BABAO 2017, Staff

Other invited event:

Invited Seminar, Burgos, Spain: CENIEH, I was invited to give a talk entitled "Search for genetic polymorphisms related to skin pigmentation in the Japanese population" at CENIEH, Burgos, Spain to the researchers who work at the institute.