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Dr Laura Edwards

Dr Laura Edwards


I am a remote sensing specialist trained in the use of UAVs who focuses on the application of remote sensing and geographical information science (GIS) to the study of glaciers and ice sheets, sea ice, ocean and interactions between these systems. I have a BSc in Oceanography with Physics and an MSc in Ocean Remote Sensing, both from the University of Southampton, and a PhD in Physical Geography (Antarctic Glaciology) from the University of Bristol. Prior to joining LJMU I had two short PDRA posts at Bangor University and at the University of Southampton before I took up a lecturer in GIS post at the University of Manchester in 2012.

My research to date has included processing satellite altimetry data of internal oceanic Kelvin waves to study links between these and atmospheric phenomena; producing satellite synthetic aperture radar estimates of ice flow velocity of the Antarctic ice sheet and applying these data to calculations of ice thickness and shear stress and strain rate studies; ocean acidification studies as part of the Catlin Arctic Survey in 2010 on sea ice in the Canadian Arctic; a glacier dynamics and hydrology study in Iceland using sub-glacial probes, GPS, GPR, satellite data and seismic equipment; study of the influence of the North Water Polynya on glacier surface mass balance in the Arctic through satellite and model data; and Structure from Motion, satellite and cosmogenic dating data for studying glacier retreat and glacial lake outburst floods in the Bolivian Andes.

Although my work has a large remote sensing component I have also taken part in fieldwork in Greenland, Iceland, the Canadian high Arctic sea ice and the Bolivian Andes.


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