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Dr Mark Forshaw

Dr Mark Forshaw

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Newson LM, Venturas C, Mackay MI, Sherratt F, Forshaw M. 2018. Liverpool Clinical Commissioning Group Report, 2017. A systematic review on outcome–based smoking cessation apps and PPI investigation. A systematic review on outcome–based smoking cessation apps and PPI investigation.

Journal article

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Eubank MR, Forshaw MJ. Professional Doctorates for Practitioner Psychologists: Understanding the territory and its impact on programme development. Studies in Continuing Education,

Engagement & Impact


Award for Outstanding Contribution to the Advancement of Health Psychology, British Psychological Society Division of Health Psychology

Conference presentation:

Outcomes-Based Systematic Review on Smoking Cessation Apps, 13th UK Society for Behavioural Medicine. Working together for healthy living: Multidisciplinary behavioural medicine, Liverpool, UK, Oral presentation

"No Particular Place to Go": Gender, Sexuality and Sexual Health Help-Seeking in UK Older Adults, Gerontological Society of America Annual Scientific Meeting, New Orleans, Louisana, Poster presentation

Editorial boards:

International Journal of Health Promotion & Education, Editor

International Journal of Health Promotion and Education, Editorial Board Member

External committees:

Board of Directors, Occupational Safety and Health Consultants Register Ltd, Director

Council, Institute of Health Promotion and Education, President Elect

Board of Trustees, British Psychological Society, Trustee

Membership and Standards Board, British Psychological Society, Chair

External PGR examinations performed:

University of Southampton, PhD

External PGR Supervision - completed students:

British Psychological Society, BPS Stage 2 Qualification in Health Psychology


Fellow, Institute of Health Promotion and Education

Fellow, British Psychological Society

Membership of professional bodies:

Registered Health Psychologist Practitioner Health Psychologist, Health and Care Professions Council

Research Grants Awarded:

Liverpool Clinical Commissioning Group, A Critical Appraisal of Mobile Apps to Aid Smoking Cessation: Preliminary Evaluation. Awarded £19820, Forshaw, M LJMU; Sherratt, F, UoL., Grant value (£): £ 19820.34, Duration of research project: 6 months