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Dr Patrick Byrne

Dr Patrick Byrne

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I joined the School of Natural Sciences and Psychology in September 2012 as a Lecturer in Geography. Prior to this, I held research positions at Lancaster University and Manchester Metropolitan University in river science and sediment geochemistry, respectively. I have also worked in environmental consultancy as a Hydraulic Engineer and an Environmental Scientist. My teaching and research interests are centred on understanding the origin, transport and fate of environmental pollutants in terrestrial and aquatic systems. I am particularly interested in the hydrological and biogeochemical processes that affect trace metal and nutrient cycling. My research employs a variety of field, analytical and advanced statistical and modelling techniques to understand how pollutants move through the environment and interact with humans and ecosystems. My research comprises four general themes:

Theme (1): Transport and biogeochemical transformation of contaminants at the groundwater-surface water interface (the hyporheic zone)

Theme (2): Application of hydrologic tracers and numerical modelling to understand the behaviour and fate of contaminants in river catchments

Theme (3): The interaction between contaminants and ecosystems, in particular the effect on community structure and behaviour

Theme (4): Development of in-situ sensing technologies for water quality monitoring

Current PGR students:
- Patrizia Onnis (PhD): Application of hydrologic tracers to apportion sources and transport pathways of contaminants in mining-impacted river catchments
- Ilaria Frau (PhD): Development of a novel real-time water quality sensing platform based on functionalised electro-magnetic wave sensors
- Chris Forshaw (PhD): Trace metal dynamics in the Meres and Mosses of Cheshire and Shropshire
- Wendy O'Neill (PhD): Efficacy of buffer strips for reducing water pollution in the meres and mosses of Cheshire and Shropshire
- George Dallow (MPhil): Quantifying transient storage in river restoration schemes
- Lewis Carney (MPhil): Hydrological and geochemical mechanisms controlling the flux of trace metals from contaminated sediments to river water
- Sandisiwe Thisani (PhD): Acid mine drainage treatment for abandoned gold mines using pervious concrete: A systems engineering approach

Former PGR students:
- Dr Sarah Lynch (PhD; external supervisor): Establishing the environmental risk of metal contaminated river bank sediments; School of Geography, Earth and Environmental Sciences, University of Birmingham


2010, Loughborough University, United Kingdom, PhD Geography
2004, University of Leeds, United Kingdom, MSc Catchment Dynamics and Management
2003, University College Dublin, Ireland, MA Geography
2001, University College Dublin, Ireland, BA Geography

Academic appointments

Senior Lecturer in Geography, Liverpool John Moores University, 2012 - present
Senior Reserach Associate, Lancaster University, 2011 - 2012
Research Assistant, Manchester Metropolitan University, 2010 - 2011


Journal article

Frau I, Wylie S, Byrne P, Cullen J, Korostynska O, Mason A. 2019. Functionalised microwave sensors for real-time monitoring of copper and zinc concentration in mining-impacted water International Journal of Environmental Science and Technology, :1-16 DOI Public Url