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Dr Susan Palmer-Conn

Dr Susan Palmer-Conn

Telephone: 0151 904 6316



2009, Open University, United Kingdom, MBA
1997, University of Manchester, United Kingdom, PhD
1992, Open University, United Kingdom, BA hons (psychology)
1974, University of Liverpool, United Kingdom, PGCE
1973, University of Liverpool, United Kingdom, BSc hons (Geochemistry)

Academic appointments

Director, Centre for Investigative, Security and Police Sciences, City University London, 2008 - 2008
Associate Dean, faculty of Arts and Sciences, Edge Hill University, 2003 - 2007
Faculty Tutor, Faculty of Education, University of Manchester, 1993 - 2003


Journal article

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Conference publication

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Engagement & Impact


Senior Fellowship, Higher Education Academy

National Teaching Fellowship, HEA/HEFCE

C.Psychol, BPS

Conference organisation:

SOLSTICE, committee

HEA Annual Conference, committee

ISEC, committee

BPS Education, convenor

British Dental Association, accompanying partners coordinator

Editorial boards:

Psychology and Psychological Research International Journal, reviewer,

Psychology in Education, editor

External collaboration:, Nepal schools, Babita Shrethra, national literacy coordinator

External committees:

PDP National Advisory Panel, QAA, advisor,

PDP national advisory panel, QAA, member

Association of National Teaching fellows, HEA, vice chair

Psychology in education, BPS, vice chair

External PGR examinations performed:

Aberdeen, PhD, Non-intellectual influences on success and attainment in UK adolescents

Aberdeen University, PhD, Self-efficacy measures in progression and retention

UClan, PhD, The role of phonological recoding in literacy development

External PGR Supervision - completed students:

University of Manchester, PhD

University of Manchester, PhD

University of Manchester, PhD


senior fellow, HEA




Industrial connections:

Nepal Schools Aid, Literacy Consultant

Bahrain Education Department, Literacy Consultant

Pearson Education, Consultant

Wigan Education Authority, consultant

PhonoGraphix, consultant

The Phonics Academy, Founder

Empowering Confidence Ltd, De-LTA,

Membership of professional bodies:

Fellow, International Federation of National Teaching Fellows

member, CMI

fellow, HEA

member, ILTHE

Other Professional Activity:

Reviewer for NTFS application for HEA Reviewer for HEA grants External examiner University of Hertfordshire, UEL and University of Sunderland Expert advisor for validations - UEL, University of South Wales, UEA

Public engagement:

Echo Arena Liverpool, ADHD Conference, discussion group leader, professional and wider public, 500, participant,

Echo arena Liverpool, ADHD Conference, discussion group leader, professionals and wider public, 400, participant,

Hilton Liverpool, Domestic Abuse Conference, participant, professionals and wider public, 100, delegate

Research Grants Awarded:

HEFCE/HEA, NTFS: Embedding Employability into the Curriculum, Grant value (£): £50,000, Duration of research project: 3 years

HEFCE, Life Long Learning Network Lead Institution, Edge Hill University, Grant value (£): £2,300,000, Duration of research project: 3 years

HEFCE, CETL: Solstice, Edge Hill University, Grant value (£): £3,500000, Duration of research project: 5 years

Liverpool John Moores University, Developing a measure for assessment self-efficacy, David McIroy, Grant value (£): £20000, Duration of research project: 10 months

Leonardo da Vinci, Knowledge Exchange in Cyprus - employability practices in HE, Grant value (£): 3000, Duration of research project: 2 months

DfES, best practice in teaching pupils with disabilities, Davis, P Florian, V, Grant value (£): 250000, Duration of research project: 1 year

Leventis Foundation, Dyslexia Battery for Greek schools, Kyrachi, H, Grant value (£): 100000, Duration of research project: 4 years

LTSN Psychology, Psychology Applied Learning Scenarios, Lynn Norton, Grant value (£): 15700, Duration of research project: 1 year

Deaf Research trust, Classroom amplification system, Brett, R University of Msnchester, Grant value (£): 25000, Duration of research project: 3 years

NFER Nelson, Checking Individual Progress in Phonics, Rea Reason University of Manchester, Grant value (£): 8000, Duration of research project: 6 months

RNID, cognitive profiles and literacy attainment in hearing impaired children, Grant value (£): 15000, Duration of research project: 2 years

University of Manchester, Phonological profiles and educational attainment in hearing impaired children, Grant value (£): 9000, Duration of research project: 12 months