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Pharmacy and Biomolecular Sciences

Dr Rachel Mullen

Dr Rachel Mullen


Conference publication

Abbas A, Green C, Mullen R. 2017. Attitudes of Non-medical Nurse Prescribers towards Reporting Adverse Drug Reactions via the Yellow Card Scheme-an Exploratory Study DRUG SAFETY, 17th Annual Meeting of the International-Society-of-Pharmacovigilance (ISoP) on Pharmacovigilance in the 21st Century 40 :1030-1030 >Link

Journal article

Wright S, Morecroft CW, Mullen R, Ewing A. 2016. UK hospital patient discharge: the patient perspective European Journal of Hospital Pharmacy,

Bullock S, Morecroft CW, Mullen R, Ewing AB. 2016. Hospital patient discharge process: an evaluation European Journal of Hospital Pharmacy: Science and Practice, 0 >DOI