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Suzanne Cutler

Pharmacy and Biomolecular Sciences

Faculty of Science


2009, University of Central Lancashire, United Kingdom, Independent Prescriber
2003, University of Liverpool, United Kingdom, Diploma in Prescribing Science

Academic appointments

Senior Lecturer in Pharmacy Practice, Liverpool John Moores University, 2009 - present

Postgraduate training

Postgraduate Certifcate in Learning and Teaching in Higher Education, United Kingdom, Liverpool John Moores University, 2011 - 2015

Books (authored)

Lackie K, Khalili H, Gilbert J, Bookey-Bassett S, Cutler S, Dixon K, Fricke M, Greene C, Harvan R, Jessen J, Langlois S, Macdonald L, Maxwell B, McCarten C, Najjar G, Park V, Saad A, Syvaoja K, Schneider C. 2024. The Transformative Power of Inclusion, Diversity, Equity, Accessibility, and Social Justice in Interprofessional Education and Collaborative Practice – Discussion Paper Lackie K, Khalili H, Greene C, Maxwell B, Najjar G. InterprofessionalResearch.Global 978-1-7366963-4-7 Publisher Url Public Url

Conference publication

Fawkes M, Mullen R. 2022. Using the theoretical domains framework to explore stakeholder perspectives of a “prescriber-ready pharmacist” to help develop the future workforce International Journal of Pharmacy Practice, 30 :ii19-ii20 DOI Publisher Url

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Cutler S, Ballard J, Lackie K, Lising D, Halas G, Langlois S, MacMillan K, Rodrigues Freier Filhno J, Ward H. How to mobilize interprofessional education and collaborative practice knowledge globally: Introducing the InterprofessionalResearch.Global Knowledge Network

Cutler S, Tran H, Henney N, Penson P, Madden J. A systematic review of the target pharmacokinetic/pharmacodynamic parameters of antibiotics treating gram-negative infections


Tran H, Henney N, Cutler S, Madden J, Barton G. 2022. Target Pharmacokinetic/pharmacodynamic parameters of antibiotics treating gram-negative infections. A systematic review and meta-analysis [CRD42022376130]


Cutler S. 2020. Teaching teamwork to undergraduate pharmacy students - What are the issues? Morecroft C, Carey P, Kennedy T. Public Url

Journal article

Cutler S, Morecroft CW, Carey P, Kennedy T. 2020. Are pharmacy students adequately prepared to work in healthcare teams? Pharmacy Education, 20 :43-51 Publisher Url Public Url

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Cutler SC, Riley J. 2013. Interprofessional Education Sustainability and Development. Interprofessional Education Conference

Membership of professional bodies:

Fellow, The Higher Education Academy. 2012

Teaching qualification:

Postgraduate Certificate inlearning and teaching in Higher Education. 2010