Dr Alan Gunn

School of Biological and Environmental Sciences

Journal article

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Books (authored)

Gunn A. 2019. Essential Forensic Biology, 3rd Edition Wiley 978-1-119-14140-2

Gunn A, Pitt SJ. 2012. Parasitology Wiley-Blackwell 9780470684245

Gunn A. 2009. Essential Forensic Biology Wiley 9780470758045

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Public engagement:

Runshaw College, Leyland, Lancashire, Lecture on the use of maggots and leeches in medicine to College students, Lecture, A level and BTEC students, 62, Invited Speaker. 2016

Bristol Grammar School, Bristol, Lecture on forensic entomology, Lecture, A level students, 43, Invited speaker. 2015


Fellow, Royal Entomological Society.

Membership of professional bodies:

Member, British Ecological Society.

Member, Society for Applied Microbiology.

Member, Society for Chemical Industry.

Member, Society for Chemical Industry.

Member, Society of General Microbiology.