Richie Kirwan

School of Biological and Environmental Sciences

I am very interested in all aspects of how the food we consume can affect our health and performance.

In particular I have focused much of my studies on protein metabolism and how it leads to the preservation and augmentation of muscle mass along with the role of obesity in the development of other disease states.

My current research focuses on the effects of high-protein, Mediterranean-style diets along with resistance training in cardiac-rehabilitation patients in order to see how an increase in muscle mass (and decrease in the the level of sarcopenic obesity) will affect future risk of cardiovascular disease.


Spanish; Castilian


2015, Univesity of Barcelona, Spain, MSc Nutrition and Metabolism
2006, University College Cork, Ireland, BSc Biological Sciences (Microbiology)

Academic appointments

Associate Researcher, Nutrition, Food Science and Gastronomy, University of Barcelona, 2015 - 2017

Journal article

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