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Mr Christopher Mawhinney

Mr Christopher Mawhinney

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Journal Articles

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Mawhinney C, Low DA, Jones H, Green DJ, Costello JT, Gregson W. 2017. Cold-Water Mediates Greater Reductions in Limb Blood Flow than Whole Body Cryotherapy Medicine and Science in Sports and Exercise, >DOI

Mawhinney C, Jones H, Low DA, Green DJ, Howatson G, Gregson W. 2017. Influence of cold-water immersion on limb blood flow after resistance exercise* European Journal of Sport Science, :1-11 >DOI

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Allan R, Mawhinney C. 2016. Is the ice bath finally melting? CWI is no greater than active recovery upon local and systemic inflammatory cellular stress in humans. Journal of Physiology, >DOI >Link

Mawhinney C, Jones H, Joo CH, Low DA, Green DJ, Gregson W. 2013. Influence of Cold-Water Immersion on Limb and Cutaneous Blood Flow after Exercise MEDICINE AND SCIENCE IN SPORTS AND EXERCISE, 45 :2277-2285 >DOI >Link

Theses / Dissertations

Mawhinney C. The Influence of Cold-Water Immersion on Limb Blood Flow and Thermoregulatory Responses to Exercise Gregson W.