Céleste Rousseau

Sport and Exercise Sciences

2013-2016: Ecole Nationale de Kinésithérapie et de Ré-Education, Saint-Maurice (94), France.
2016-2017: Ergonomics in Conservatoire National des Arts et Métiers, Paris (75), France.
2017-2018: Sport and Exercise Sciences in Paris-Saclay University, Orsay (91), France.
Starting September 2018: Ph.D.: Prevention of musculoskeletal injuries in orchestra musicians. Supervised by Prof. Bill Baltzopoulos, Prof. Gabor Barton and M. Peter Garden (Royal Liverpool Philharmonic Orchestra).




2018, University of Paris-Saclay, France, MSc.
2016, Ecole Nationale de Kinésithérapie et de Ré-Education, France, PT

Journal article

Rousseau C, Barton G, Garden P, Baltzopoulos V. 2021. Development of an injury prevention model for playing-related musculoskeletal disorders in orchestra musicians based on predisposing risk factors INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF INDUSTRIAL ERGONOMICS, 81 DOI Author Url

Rousseau C, Del Valle Acedo S, Martin S. 2020. Musculoskeletal disorders related to musical performance in jazz and improvised music students: A qualitative study Kinesitherapie, 20 :2-8 DOI