Emily Jevons

Sport and Exercise Sciences

Biography: Emily completed her undergraduate degree in Sport and Exercise Science at LJMU, then following her graduation she moved to Prague, Czech Republic to teach English as a foreign language. She then returned to start her MPhil at LJMU in Exercise Metabolism, which has then continued onto PhD. Emily also works part-time at the University of Chester as a Research Support Officer in the Research & Knowledge and Transfer Office.

PhD Project Title: Quantification of substrate metabolism in endurance athletes using microscopy techniques.
School of Sport and Exercise Science Part-Funded PhD
Start Date: 04/10/16
Supervisors: Dr. Sam Shepherd, Dr Juliette Strauss and Dr James Morton

PhD Project Description: There is a lack of research being undertaken in real-world training and competitive environments, gaining such an understanding could lead to alterations in our nutritional support to athletes. Emily's research aims to assess substrate utilisation at different exercise intensities in habitual training sessions, examining both glycogen and lipid utilization. There will also be an assessment in a competitive endurance environment, with the primary aim of comparing microscopy methods to assess substrate utilization, examining using both immunofluorescence confocal and transmission electron microscopy analysis. Finally, with considerable more data and focus in literature on the effect of nutritional interventions glycogen resynthesis post-exercise, her research will assess the key mechanisms underpinning intramuscular triglyceride resynthesis using the appropriate microscopy method under such nutritional interventions. This PhD project will give an insight into the effect of real-world demands of training and competition on substrate utilization, whilst also providing key insights into the regulatory mechanisms underpinning IMTG resynthesis.


2016, Liverpool John Moores University, United Kingdom, BSc Sport and Exercise Science

Journal article

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Conference publication

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