Emma Cowley

Sport and Exercise Sciences

Emma graduated from Dublin City University with a B.Sc. in Physical Education and Biology. During her studies she had various teaching appointments in secondary schools in the Dublin area. Following her undergraduate studies Emma did an M.Sc. in Sport and Exercise Science and Medicine in the University of Glasgow which led to the appointment of UK-Ireland Education Manager with EIT Health, London. Here she worked with European academic and industry healthcare partners in developing grant proposals.

Emma is now pursing a PhD focused on developing a co-created home-based HIIT intervention for adolescent girls in order to increase the rate of physical activity adherence within this population. Emma is a DTA3 doctoral research fellow in the school of Sport and Exercise Sciences.


2018, University of Glasgow, Scotland, MSc Sport and Exercise Science and Medicine (Distinction)
2017, Dublin City Univeristy, Ireland, BSc Physical Educataion & Biology (1st Class Hons)

Journal article

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Cowley E. 2019. Adiposity and cancer risk in 321,141 adults: results from the UK Biobank prospective cohort. BASES 2019

Cowley E. 2019. Development and implementation of a novel, home-based HIIT intervention to promote exercise adherence among inactive adolescent girls Institute for Health Research

Internet publication

Cowley E. Anabolic-Androgenic Steroid Use Among Bodybuilders Author Url

Conference presentation:

Increasing Exercise Adherence in Teenage Girls: The development of a home-based HIIT intervention, Institute for Health Research Conference, Liverpool John Moores, Oral presentation. 2019

Membership of professional bodies:

Affiliate Member, Physiological Society. 2019


DTA3/COFUND Doctoral Research Fellow, Marie Skłodowska-Curie PhD Fellowship programme. 2019

Teaching qualification:

BSc Physical Education and Biology Teaching. 2017