Liverpool Skylilne

Sport and Exercise Sciences

Mark Hearris


TITLE: Manipulating carbohydrate availability to enhance exercise induced mitochondrial biogenesis within human skeletal muscle

SUPERVISORY TEAM: Dr Julien Louis, Dr James Morton & Dr Adam Sharples

BIO: Mark is a PhD researcher within the sports nutrition & exercise metabolism research group at Liverpool John Moores University, where his specific research interests focus on the molecular and cellular responses of skeletal muscle to exercise and the role of nutrition in modulating these responses. In addition to his research, Mark also provides nutrition consultancy support to Preston North End Football Club.


Liverpool John Moores University, UK, MSc Sport Nutrition
Liverpool John Moores University, UK, BSc Sport & Exercise Science

Academic appointments

PhD Student, Liverpool John Moores University, 2015 - present


Journal article

Hearris MA, Owens DJ, Strauss JA, Shepherd SO, Sharples AP, Morton JP, Louis JB. 2020. Graded reductions in pre-exercise glycogen concentration do not augment exercise-induced nuclear AMPK and PGC-1α protein content in human muscle. Experimental physiology, DOI Author Url Public Url

Hearris MA, Hammond KM, Seaborne RA, Stocks B, Shepherd SO, Philp A, Sharples AP, Morton JP, Louis JB. 2019. Graded reductions in pre-exercise muscle glycogen impair exercise capacity but do not augment cell skeletal muscle signalling: implication for CHO periodisation Journal of Applied Physiology, DOI Author Url Publisher Url Public Url

Hearris MA, Hammond KM, Fell JM, Morton JP. 2018. Regulation of Muscle Glycogen Metabolism during Exercise: Implications for Endurance Performance and Training Adaptations NUTRIENTS, 10 DOI Author Url Public Url

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Hammond KM, Fell MJ, Hearris MA, Morton JP. 2018. Carbohydrate Metabolism During Exercise Muscle and Exercise Physiology :251-270 9780128145937 DOI