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Sport and Exercise Sciences

Mr Thomas Brownlee

Mr Thomas Brownlee


Journal Articles

Murtagh C, Brownlee T, O'Boyle A, Morgans R, Drust B, Erskine RM. 2017. The Importance of Speed and Power in Elite Youth Soccer Depends on Maturation Status Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research, >DOI >Link

Brownlee T, O'Boyle A, Morgans R, Morton J, Erskine R, Drust B. Training duration may not be a predisposing factor in potential maladaptations in talent development programmes that promote early specialisation in elite youth soccer International journal of Sports Science and Coaching, >DOI

Brownlee T, Murtagh C, Naughton R, Whitworth-Turner C, O'Boyle A, Morgans R, Morton J, Erskine R, Drust B. Isometric maximal voluntary force evaluated using an isometric mid-thigh pull differentiates English Premier League youth soccer players from a maturity-matched control group Science and Medicine in Football, >DOI

Theses / Dissertations

Brownlee T. An investigation into the capabilities and affecting factors of isometric mid-thigh pull force production in elite youth soccer players. drust , erskine , morton .