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Prof Ian Fillis

Prof Ian Fillis


I am a leading entrepreneurial small business researcher, with other research interests in creativity, arts marketing and consumer research. I have built an extensive international research network, extending to Europe, North America and Australia where I am currently engaged in a number of funded research projects on arts and entrepreneurial marketing. My research output includes over eighty single and jointly authored refereed papers, Recent outputs include 3 and 4 star publications in the European Journal of Marketing and Annals of Tourism Research. I have a strong record of applying for and securing external funding. These include being Principal Investigator of an AHRC funded Cultural Value project, and a co-investigator on a large Australian Research Council grant application. My record of securing external research funding also includes awards from the ESRC, Scottish Enterprise, Scottish Arts Council and the Arts Council England. I have been University of Tasmania Distinguished Visitor and the Bowater Visiting Research Fellow, Deacon University. I have extensive experience in leading and directing research teams in the UK and in Australia. My teaching experience is considerable, from Marketing/Entrepreneurship focused subject specialisms at undergraduate and postgraduate levels to broader Management teaching, including Executive MBA and other programmes in the UK and overseas. I am also the Editor of the forthcoming Edward Elgar Handbook on Marketing and Entrepreneurship.


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