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Dr Lihong Zhang

Dr Lihong Zhang

Telephone: 0151 231 3827


I am currently teaching and research ‘operations and innovation management’ with Liverpool Business School, LJMU. My research interests broadly focus on ‘urban supply chain and logistics’ and ‘green technology innovation’. Case studies include ‘public bike sharing’ and ‘waste management’ which extend our understanding of complex eco-system in modern cities and mega-transportation system design and operations. People may remember me for the theory of 'make-to-concept' and 'green business model (in China)'. I have published more than ten academic papers since 2011, all were peer reviewed, and completed more than 50 research projects (including PhD, DBA, EMBA, IMBA, MSc). Journals that I am actively reviewing include Supply Chain Management: An International Journal and Production Planning and Control. Standing member of FCCR (Future Cities and Community Resilience) and building on collaborative work with universities from Europe, USA and China I am currently applying RISE 2015 (Horizon 2020).


Chinese (Mandarin)


2004, University of Brighton, United Kingdom, PhD
1999, Cranfield University, United Kingdom, MPhil
1990, Central South University, China, MEng
1981, Chongqing University, China, BEng

Academic appointments

Senior Lecturer, Liverpool Business School, Liverpool John Moores University, 2005 - present
Research Officer, CENTRIM, University of Brighton, 2003 - 2004
Lecturer, Brighton Business School, University of Brighton, 2002 - 2003
Academic Researcher, School of Economics and Management, Tsinghua University, 1995 - 1997
Associate Professor, Lecturer, Deputy Head of the department, Management and Strategy, Central South University, 1987 - 1997


Journal Articles

Zhang L, Zhang J, Duan ZY, Bryde D. 2015. Sustainable bike-sharing systems: Characteristics and commonalities across cases in urban China Journal of Cleaner Production, 97 :124-133 >DOI

Zhang L, Zhang J, Duan Z-Y, Bryde D. 2015. Sustainable bike-sharing systems: characteristics and commonalities across cases in urban China JOURNAL OF CLEANER PRODUCTION, 97 :124-133 >DOI >Link

Zhang Y, Zhang L. 2014. Organizing complex engineering operations throughout the lifecycle A service-centred view and case studies JOURNAL OF SERVICE MANAGEMENT, 25 :580-602 >DOI

Zhang L. 2013. Managing project changes: Case studies on stage iteration and functional interaction International Journal of Project Management, 31 :958-970 >DOI

Zhang L, Bryde DJ, Meehan J. 2011. "Make-to-concept": A "solution-based" approach to complex new product development. International Journal of Innovation Management, 15 :279-301

Zhang L, Goffin K. 2001. Managing the transition: supplier management in international manufacturing joint ventures in China International Journal of Physics Distribution & Logistics Management, 32

Zhang L, Goffin K. 2000. Joint Venture Manufacturing in China: An Exploratory Investigation International Journal of Operations & Production Management, 19 :474-490

Zhang L, Akwei CA, Zhang Y. Exploring how complex solution-based capabilities (CSC) are developed and integrated in engineering companies Production Planning and Control,

Akwei CA, Zhang L. Integrating quality control and performance management in developing complex bespoke systems Production Planning and Control,

Conference Publication (journal proceedings)

Zhang L. 2014. Transforming business model for sustainable green innovation: case studies in urban China

Zhang L, Swirski M. 2002. Managing the specification process in complex projects IEMC-2002: IEEE INTERNATIONAL ENGINEERING MANAGEMENT CONFERENCE, VOLS I AND II, PROCEEDINGS, IEEE International Engineering Management Conference :350-355 >Link

Zhang L, Li G. Corporate Environmental Engagement: When green can be seen — An Empirical Research of 147 Enterprises and their supply chain in China

Zhang L, Zuo L, Sun Q, Wang C. Sustaining WEEEs recycling business in China: the case of O2O development strategies

Zhang L, Jia F, Wu Z, Sun H, Legenvre H. “Metal recycling in China: Practices, policies and challenges”

Zhang L, graham G. “Smart cities and digital technologies: the case of bike-sharing systems” 2nd Sustainable OM and SCM conference

Zhang L, Graham G, Yang Z. Public bike-sharing: key issues and challenges in supply chain integration Theme: Collaborative Innovations in the Network Environment, The 14th International Research Symposium on Service Excellence in Management (QUIS14)

Engagement & Impact

Editorial boards:

Publication: I played academic leadership by regularly reviewing top journals (CABS 3-4 rated):  Supply Chain Management: An International Journal (2013-),  Production Planning & Control (2014-), and  International Journal of Operations and Production Management (2015-)

External collaboration:

URL:, Institution: Central South University, Collaborator: Prof Chang Wang

Institution: Working with Tongji University and Shanghai University of F&E has led to a new and “hanging-low fruit” research: using penal data analyses and public CITI data to address “corporate environment engagement” (- a working paper accepted to 4th SOSCF, Milan, 2017). We are tracing 198 top brands on what decisions/actions they have been taking to reconfigure supply chains for greener production. Few studies so far have linked environment disclosure with business behaviour change and performance improvement., Collaborator: Prof Song Chen; Mr Guangqing Li

Institution:  Working with Hunan University proved very productive in yielding high quality papers: one paper has been published to JCP (2015) and one that has been re-submitted to POMS (for publishing in 2017-18). High impact outcomes included “Shantytown Transformation” sponsored by World Bank ($400k, 2014-16), “Sustaining village traditional business with modern technologies” (LeNSin, €50k, 2015-17), and “Hunan Industrial performance evaluation” sponsored by the Provincial Government (¥270k, 2017-). , Collaborator: Prof Miyuan Shan; Dr Jun Zhang

External PGR Supervision - completed students:

Name of University: Hunan University Business School, Award gained by the student: Other, Thesis title: Project Management and organisational change

Name of University: Tongji University Business School, Award gained by the student: PhD, Thesis title: Process innovation and business model transformation

Industrial connections:

Company: Vary Science and Technology Co., Ltd, Position or project: recycling from residential areas.

Company: Hourbike, Position or project: Managing Director

Media Coverage:

Media coverage:  The Staff Citizenship Award (2013) for heading Liverpool Mandarin School  An interview by China Daily (the largest official English newspaper published worldwide) on sustainable development of Liverpool, Merseyside and Northwest UK (World Business Congress, 2014).  “Promoting the modern Mersey beat” By Zhang Chunyan (China Daily Europe ) 2014-07-25 06:12:52. (See webpage: )  External engagement led to four MBA students received an award from Hour Bike (  LJMU’s application for Liverpool Confucius Centre (2010). The campaign was led by then International Director M Whitehead and we lost to UoL.  Introduction of ‘bike-sharing’ research to Merseyrail ‘Bike and Go’ projects and meetings (2011-15).  Four mini-articles published to local magazines (three in Chinese, 2005-13; one in English: i.e. Peddle Press, 2013, about 500 words, between 500-2000 readers).  Promotion of students membership with Liverpool CityBike Scheme (MD Tim Caswell, 2015).  Students/staff exchange (internship) initiatives with Art and Design School (Dr Emma Roberts), Liverpool Bluecoat School (Ms Jenifer), FCCR (Future Cities and Community Resilience), and P8 Star (Dr Danial Zhang, based in Changsha, China) and Hunan University (Dr Jun Zhang) on “work and live in the future cities” (2017-).  Collaborations between LBS and Northwest Training Council (CEO Paul Musa, 2016-) on apprenticeship activities.  Invitation from Vary Science & Technology Corp Lit (based in Hunan, China) to consult their green innovation strategies (05/2017-).  Initiatives to disseminate research findings with CRRC Zhuzhou Locomotive Co., Ltd and collect impact evidence (05/2017-).  A program with IBS+ to bring cycling culture back to the community (2016-).  A visiting plan with my inputs has been awaiting for approval for a delegate from Shanghai Business School (a university college) to get a certified training in the Centre of CIPS (Charted Institute of Procurement and Supply, Huyton, six people, eight day, 06/2017).

Other invited event:

Title of event: Seminars, Location: University of Tongji, Hunan, Central South, Fudan, Zhejiang, Cambridge, Description:  Tongji University (2009/14/16, invited by Prof Song Chen, trip fully/match funded)  Central South University (2010-, invited by Prof Chang Wang, trip match funded)  Hunan University (2013-, Invited by Dr Jun Zhang and/or Prof Miyuan Shan , trip match funded)  Wuhan University of Technology (2013-14, invited by Prof Xinping Yan, Pro-VC, trip fully funded)  Cambridge University (2007, was invited by Dr Yongjiang Shi, Research Director, Institute for Manufacturing)  Fudan University (2006-7, invited by Prof Chunlin Shi, trip fully funded)  Zhejiang University (2004-4, invited by Prof Jin Chen, trip fully funded)

Research Grants Awarded:

China Scholarship Council, Green Innovations in Heavy Polluted Industries in China, Ms Haiyan Feng, Taiyuan University of Technology, Grant value (£): £16,000

Changsha UniChance Management Consulting Co., Ltd, Sustaining innovation and green supply chain in China, Grant value (£): 5000, Duration of research project: 24 months

Institute of Cultural City (ICC), Illusive Edge, Grant value (£): 66,000

Northwest Development Agency (NWDA), Innovation Voucher, Grant value (£): 3,000