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Aisling Davis

Ms Aisling Davis

Membership details: Student Governor

Aisling Davis

Member of:

Board of Governors
Academic Board
Copperas Hill Steering Group
Equality & Diversity Committee
Student Voice Committee
Scholarship Panel
University Standing Panel
Academic Planning Panel
LiverpoolSU/LJMU Operating Panel
Induction and Transition Working Group

Term of office:

22/06/2015 - 01/07/2017

Aisling is President of Liverpool Students' Union, and is now in her second term as a Student Officer, alongside her role of Chair to LiverpoolSU's Trustee Board.

Aisling graduated from the Liverpool Business School in November 2015, being part of LJMU's first cohort to obtain a Master's degree in Digital Marketing.

Aisling sits on a number of university commitees, including Academic Board, providing a student voice and giving an insight into the student experience at LJMU.

Alongside work life, Aisling likes to keep active by running and cycling.  She has recently become a vegan, and now enjoys experimenting with her cooking and learning more about the lifestyle.

In the future, Aisling hopes to eventually move to London (and beyond) making a name for herself in marketing, and eventually learn how to use programming languages in a bid to become more IT savvy.

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