Corporate business change at Liverpool John Moores University

Corporate Business Change Initiatives

Corporate Business Change Initiatives

Head: Mandy Phillips

Mandy Philips

The successful operation of a dynamic institution requires agility and speed. As new mechanisms for delivery evolve the University must be able to respond quickly and implement change successfully without interfering or damaging the core business of delivering teaching and learning.

This is a team at the heart of the business of the University ensuring that major change within the institution is implemented properly, to plan, to budget and delivered with clear business objectives. We are an independent team who take the responsibility of overarching project management including financial modelling, direct engagement with external contractors and suppliers, systems development and implementation and the delivery of new practices, training and ways of working within the University against the clear objectives outlined in the strategic plan.

By the very nature of this team, we operate in a constantly changing digital landscape. Current projects include the introduction of a new way of working with the student and finance systems, a new content management system as a platform for the corporate website, optimization of the people and organisational development, finance and payroll systems and the introduction of business intelligence as a reporting solution.

Customer experience is a key factor in all the change programmes we lead.