Teaching and Learning Academy surveys

The Teaching and Learning Academy assist in the administration, interpretation and results’ dissemination of both institutional and national student surveys. The outcomes of these surveys help to inform teaching practice and improve the student experience.

Below is a list of surveys that the Teaching and Learning Academy help to oversee:

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Faq Items

Module evaluation survey

The module evaluation survey enables students to express their opinions of their learning experience at module level. It is a key indicator in the institutional processes for the enhancement and assurance of academic quality. Module evaluation is a required element of the evidence base for programme annual monitoring and validation/review.

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Module evaluation results for 2013/14 - 2015/16 are available on the WebHub (Reporting/Surveys/Module Appraisal Results). Results from 2016/17 onwards are available via Canvas to registered module leaders and line managers. Please contact Elena Zaitseva if you need to access previous year reports and Natalie Holland for queries about this year evaluations.

UK Engagement Survey

The UK Engagement Survey (UKES) will be postponed for the 2020-2021 academic year.

UK Engagement Survey (UKES) is the only nationwide undergraduate course-level survey to focus on student engagement. The UKES typically takes place in a student’s first or second year (including foundation year if perceived beneficial by Programme Leader). The survey offers a completely different perspective on questions of quality and true diagnostic potential, asking about how students work with peers and teaching staff, to what extent they are challenged by their degree and how they spend their time outside of the classroom.

The survey is validated and tested by the Higher Education Academy (Now Advance HE). The majority of questions are drawn from the National Survey of Student Engagement (NSSE), widely used in the USA, Canada, Australia and other countries worldwide. Some questions have been modified to reflect the UK Higher Education context. View all items of the UKES 2018.

UKES results are not used in any of the national leagues tables and generated entirely for information and enhancement purposes. Student responses are held anonymously.

UKES quantitative results (Faculty, School and Programme level) are available on WebHub (Reporting/Surveys/UKES). Anonymised student comments (programme-level) could be obtained from Associate Deans (Education).

For more information about UKES and previous year institutional reports, please contact Elena Zaitseva, Academic Research Development Officer, Teaching and Learning Academy.


The National Student Survey (NSS) has been conducted annually since 2005. The survey runs across all publicly funded Higher Education Institutions (HEIs) in England, Wales, Northern Ireland, and participating HEIs in Scotland. Additionally, since 2008, Further Education Colleges (FECs) with directly funded higher education students in England have been eligible to participate. Please contact your School/Department NSS Champion for NSS related queries in the first instance.

The NSS is currently delivered by Ipsos MORI and the results are made available to institutions by Texuna Technologies.


The Postgraduate Taught Experience Survey (PTES) is distributed on behalf of Advanced HE (previously the Higher Education Academy) and measures the quality of postgraduate taught provision. The survey provides HEIs and programme teams with rich information on students’ experience of postgraduate programmes, and allows comparisons both internally and against the sector and mission groups.

PTES quantitative results (Faculty, School and programme level scores) are available on WebHub (Reporting/Surveys/PTES). For retrospective results (e.g. full programme reports, including comments) and further information about the PTES at LJMU, please contact Elena Zaitseva, Teaching and Learning Academy.

International Student Barometer Survey

The International Student Barometer Survey will be postponed for the 2020-2021 academic year.

The International Student Barometer Survey (ISB) is an independent survey designed specifically to gather opinions, expectations and experiences of international students studying outside their home country. The results are compared against national and global benchmarks to help inform future policy and practice at the university and nationally.

ISB has been developing over the years and currently covers the following sections: decision making factors, ‘helped to choose’ elements, application methods, agent rating (if applicable), satisfaction with various aspects of arrival experience, satisfaction with teaching and learning experience, indicators of engagement, satisfaction with living, satisfaction with students support services, impact of the UK EU referendum and perceived attitudes to international students in the UK.

For access to institutional reports, interactive results and student comments please contact Elena Zaitseva, Teaching and Learning Academy.

LJMU Course Experience Survey

The LJMU Course Experience Survey is an internal survey for levels 3, 4 and 5.  This is a new survey for non-completing undergraduates.

This survey replaces the UK Engagement Survey (UKES) for the 2020-21 academic year. The survey includes a range of questions on teaching, assessment, support, access to IT, equality and diversity and employability. See the questions