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Case study

Beverley Clifton Morris

Beverley Clifton Morris

A Knowledge Transfer Partnership that developed cost advice for early building services

Client: Beverley Clifton Morris

Issue: Building services and management development

Session: Knowledge Transfer Partnership (KTP) project


The organisation

Beverley Clifton Morris (BCM) are building service design engineers who specialise in low carbon solutions.

To create affordable low carbon building designs, Beverley Clifton Morris use Dynamic Simulation Models and Building Information Modelling technologies. These methods help Beverley Clifton Morris to engineer holistic building solutions before they embark on the detailed design stages of projects.

Brian Morris, who has been the managing director of Beverley Clifton Morris since it was established in 2002, plans to expand the business by positioning against new government policy and legislation for low-carbon buildings. 

Project aims

The Knowledge Transfer Partnership (KTP) between Beverley Clifton Morris and Liverpool John Moores University developed cost advice for early building services. The KTP achieved this by implementing a design cost management service and whole life cycle costing service within Beverley Clifton Morris.

The design cost management service and the whole life cycle costing service are novel services that aim to more accurately inform business cases that are being made for investment in carbon saving technologies. The service will also respond to recent Government Soft Landing policy. 

A marketing strategy was developed to sell these services profitably. The marketing strategy targets sectors and segments.  Ultimately, this work will enable the company to be a key strategic joint venture partner in the delivery of Funded Energy Supply Companies (ESCOs).

As an overview, the project: 

  • implemented level three BIM, developing cost, construction sequencing and lifecycle management
  • developed whole life cycle costing framework to educate decisions on renewable technology investment
  • used latest digital marketing techniques to engage a wide audience and change the mind-set of the market.

This KTP is the first time Liverpool John Moores University had two associates working on different projects simultaneously. This requires cross-disciplinary coordination in the fields of built environment and marketing.

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