Case study


Sony Computer Entertainment Group

LJMU worked with Sony, ensuring the smooth mergence of two teams

Client: Sony Computer Entertainment Group

Issue: Team building

Session: One-day session

Sony Computer Entertainment


Sony Computer Entertainment Group wanted a smooth mergence of two service teams. Recognising that any change to the structure or dynamics of teams can impact on effectiveness and motivation, the organisation wanted to ensure that members of the new, emerging team understood each other and united around shared objectives, priorities and work practises.

Data gathering/heightening anticipation

A week before arriving at the session, participants received postcards containing questions and tasks that were relevant to the session aims. Participants were asked to reveal a secret about themselves, disclose how they felt they were perceived by colleagues and record their most repeated task at work. This ‘cultural agent’ heightened anticipation and interest in the upcoming session and provided valuable insight for facilitators.

The session

Participants took part in a team challenge using specially adapted mobile phones. The challenge focused on the different roles within the team and helped the participants develop an understanding between team members.

LEGO Serious Play™ - a tool used to enhance business performance - allowed participants to disclose information about themselves in relation to work, their perceptions of each other and their place in the team in an engaging and non-threatening way. Participants explored the shared identity of the new team, the factors or agents that impact on it and experimented with possible and likely future scenarios for the team.  

LJMU enabled participants to contribute anonymously to discussion around the team’s objectives for the following six months and beyond. Drawing on the range of experiences and expertise within the team, consensus was reached around the bigger picture, providing a strong foundation for further team development.

The Automatic provided a fun and open environment in which the team was able to work together on planning for the future. Activities gave team members a greater understanding of each other's challenges and allowed the team to agree on future priorities and practical ways forward.

Janet Webb -
Human Resources Manager at Sony Computer Entertainment Europe

After the session

Using postcards, team members recorded positive action they would take within 24 hours of returning to work as a result of the session. The postcards were then posted to team members.

Photographic images, poster-sized team mind maps and representations of the team’s agreed guiding principles were created to capture the team’s insights. When they were back in the workplace, this material reminded team members about the learning that had taken place.


  • Improved understanding between team members

  • Greater awareness of different perspectives within the team

  • Increased unity around shared priorities and objectives
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