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Whether you're moving on from undergraduate study, returning to education to boost your career or planning a change of direction, postgraduate study invites you to go further, wider, braver, deeper or smarter...          

There are many reasons that students choose to study with us at a higher level. Postgraduate study gives you time to breathe and focus on what you want from your career. It makes you stand out from the crowd, enables you to become an expert in your field and invites you to stretch yourself academically. By studying for a Masters you may be able to:

  • enter your profession at a more senior level
  • enjoy a higher starting salary
  • earn more throughout the course of your career
  • change direction from your undergraduate studies

Find out below how postgraduate study is transforming the lives of our current students.

Go further

Postgraduate study can take you further than you ever though possible.

When Benn Adu-Opoku studied for his undergraduate degree in Software Engineering at LJMU he admits that he found the three years as academically challenging as they were enjoyable. He never imagined, therefore, that he would now be back at LJMU studying for his Masters in Cyber Security. 


Meet Ben Adu-Opoku

Benn Adu-Opoku“When I started my undergraduate degree I had recently arrived in the UK from Italy,” says Benn. “My English wasn’t great and so I did find it quite hard. The support I received from the University was outstanding though and, to be honest, played a big part in my decision to return to education.”

Since graduation Benn has worked as a Business Systems Developer. “My manager was really keen for me to study for my Masters and, when I decided to give it a go, I knew I had to return to LJMU,” he says.

Yet again Benn has been delighted by the support provided by his tutors. “I am, of course, comfortable with the technical side of things but I do find the academic writing something of a challenge,” he admits. “That said, I’m getting all the help I need and currently doing really well. The support from LJMU makes me feel confident and that is really important.”

In the long term Benn would like to start his own Business Systems Development Company but, for now, is keen to build up as much knowledge and experience as possible. “I certainly don’t think I will go on to do a PhD,” he laughs. “But I want to get as far as I can as an individual and the support from LJMU is enabling me to do just that.”

Go wider

It's not always where you start out that determines your future. You may want to  change direction at postgraduate level.

During two placements associated with his undergraduate degree in  International Management and Economics, French student Hugo Kuhn realised he had a passion for the Maritime industry. Wanting to study in the UK, Hugo researched his options and, impressed by the reputation of the University, decided to join LJMU to study for a Masters in Maritime Operations Management.  


Meet Hugo Kuhn

Hugo Kuhn

"I guess it was quite a step to base my career plans on two internships,” says Hugo. “I had to go with my feelings though. It was what I was interested in and what I wanted to do. My lack of previous qualifications in the area was a worry but you just have to be prepared to do the background work to fill in any knowledge gaps.”

As with all students who change direction for their postgraduate studies, Hugo is really benefitting from the support available at LJMU. “The research module we studied at the beginning of the programme was a real help as it demonstrated how to get the best out of the University library when it comes to research,” he says. “The module also gave us the chance to meet all of our tutors.”

Hugo is also impressed by staff contact time. “The online ‘See my tutor’ system is very useful as it is easy to make appointments with staff,” he says. “It is great to know that they are always there if you need them.”

The programme’s employment focus is another highlight. “We are all basically studying this course to get into employment and our studies are certainly targeted to that,” he explains. “The links between learning and industry are strong at LJMU and that really prepares you for the workplace.”

In terms of advice to others considering postgraduate study, Hugo feels that there are three equally important elements. “You have to choose your location, your institution and your course carefully,” he says. “I am very happy with all three.”

Go braver

Sometimes a lack of confidence can hold you back from applying for postgraduate study. Be brave, take that step.

When mature student Richard Webb embarked on his undergraduate degree at LJMU, he never imagined he would follow his studies right the way through to Doctorate level. 


Meet Richard Webb

Richard Webb

Richard came to LJMU for his undergraduate degree as the University’s programmes and friendly approach hit just the right note for him. 

“Returning to education after a period in employment was nerve wracking to say the least,” he smiles. “I worried that I wouldn’t be clever enough and I wouldn’t fit in.”

Richard’s fears were very much unfounded. “The course was excellent and there were lots of extra things to get involved with,” he enthuses. “I was lucky enough to have a three month work placement in Liverpool and also helped out on two research projects for PhD students.”

Indeed, it was this research experience that inspired Richard to investigate the possibility of further study.

“I asked my lecturers how to go about applying for a PhD,” he says. “It was quite obvious that funding was going to be the issue so I decided to apply for a studentship which pays your fees and provides a salary.”

Richard gained a first in his undergraduate degree and, when a studentship opportunity came up at LJMU, he applied and was successful. Studying the use of insulin pumps in patients with type 1 diabetes, Richard’s PhD is a collaboration with the Royal Liverpool Hospital. 

Richard now wants to continue his research via post-doctoral studies. “It’s hard to take in the changes of the past six years,” he says. “Long term I would like to go into lecturing but, for the moment, I want to pursue my research and hopefully make a breakthrough that will really help others.”

Go deeper

If undergraduate study has really sparked a passion for your subject, postgraduate study can invite you to delve even deeper.

About to embark on a trip to Tanzania, Primate Behaviour and Conservation Masters student Jodie Larkin couldn’t be happier with her course or career aspirations. Four years ago, however, things were very different. 


Meet Jodie Larkin

Jodie Larkin

“I always did well in Chemistry at school so it was the obvious choice for my undergraduate degree,” she recalls. “Having done my A-levels, however, I realised that although it was the obvious choice it wasn’t one that would make me happy.” Jodie therefore found herself in the scary position of turning down her place at Manchester University and going through clearing to find a course which would reflect her passion for animals.

“I considered my love of animals to be a hobby - something I enjoyed doing in my spare time,” she says. “After my A levels, however, I realised it could be more than that and, with some encouragement from my mum, I started to look around.”

Offered a place to study Animal Behaviour at LJMU, Jodie started to feel the excitement she had longed to feel about her previous University offer. “I knew I had done the right thing and I was soon able to define my preferences yet further, moving over to the Zoology programme,” she smiles.

Jodie’s undergraduate degree included a year at the famous Mona Chimpanzee Sanctuary in Girona, Spain. “The placement was amazing,” she says. “I worked as a Trainee Primate Keeper so I was involved in food and enrichment preparation, education talks and more. I learned so many skills, made lots of friends and became inspired to specialise in primates.”

Back in the UK for her final year of study, Jodie started searching for Masters courses. “I looked at programmes in Oxford and Durham but realised they really couldn’t compete with the world-leading academics and expertise on offer at LJMU” she says. “The Primate Behaviour and Conservation programme was exactly what I was looking for.”

Jodie is loving every minute of her studies and is currently getting ready for a two week field trip to Tanzania where she will see chimpanzees in the wild for the first time. “I really can’t wait,” she says. “The chance to collect data on primate behaviour in the wild is such a huge thing for me. It’s a taste of what I want to do long term and that’s very exciting.”

Go smarter

Postgraduate study can be very much about how you use your knowledge and learning to get where you want to be.

International Journalism graduate Ariane Sohrabi-Shiraz explains how postgraduate study helped her secure her dream job. 


Meet Ariane Sohrabi-Shiraz

Ariane Sohrabi-Shiraz

“When making the decision to pursue a postgraduate course, I weighed up my options. Am I ready to work? Do I know what I want to do? Am I qualified for that job? The answers to the first two were definitely no. To the third, I wasn’t sure. 

I decided that, although a Masters in journalism is neither necessary nor the norm, I would do it. I wanted to specialise, learn more and I quite simply wasn’t ready for a job. I thought having a Masters degree on my CV would make me stand out and land me the dream job.

The MA International Journalism degree made me more confident. I narrowed my media focus. I became more confident in myself and my ability to formulate ideas. 

The class was small, which meant I got to know people on my course who inspired me and my learning. It also meant I learnt more from my tutors.

The opportunities that arose through the University were invaluable. A career-day with guests working in media led to me helping as an online editorial assistant for a cultural magazine. I also took a part-time job as a copywriter through LJMU.

After the Masters I again weighed up my options. I was ready to work, knew what I wanted to do, and was more than qualified.

Now came the hardest part: finding a job. In media especially, you are told it’s about who you know, not what you know. I’ve found it’s a bit of both.

An opportunity arose, through contacts, to work on “One Born Every Minute” as a casting associate and runner. I didn't have anything to lose, either I would love working on the show and stay in TV, or perhaps meet someone in the journalism industry.

I loved the job, but also met “someone who knew someone” who works at The Daily Express/Daily Star. They gave me their email, arranged a trial day, and the rest is history.

I moved down to London a few months later to start my job as a web desk journalist for a national newspaper. I felt confident because of the knowledge I had gained during my studies. However, experience is essential in any field, so I advise getting as much of it as you can while studying.”

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