Starting a new job

If you have accessed support for your disability or health condition throughout school and university, e.g. in the form of a support plan or funding, you might be concerned about similar support being available to you in the workplace. Larger organisations usually have an equal opportunities/diversity officer, or a member of staff (usually within the HR function) with responsibility for diversity issues who can support you in your transition from university to the workplace, as well as your application to the Access to Work scheme (where relevant). Access to Work is a publicly-funded scheme managed through Jobcentre Plus, which supports disabled people in or seeking work by providing tailored advice and support. The scheme also provides funding for disability assessments and support in the workplace, e.g. to cover any significant costs of required physical adjustments to the employee’s workspace. For further information, please check or speak to a DEA (Disability Employment Adviser) at your local Jobcentre. 

You may also be concerned about how your disability will be viewed by your new colleagues. Depending on whether your disability affects you in the workplace, you may choose to share information about your disability with other members of staff or not. You can request that your line manager/HR keeps your condition confidential, but if your disability is visible or if you require support with certain tasks from your colleagues, it may be advisable to tell your colleagues as well. Support with and advice on this process may be available from your HR officer, DEA or the support organisations listed on this website.