International Opportunities

Professional and personal development opportunities

Employers are always looking for something extra on your CV. Getting international experience via professional and personal development opportunities abroad is a great way to demonstrate to employers that you are a good candidate for a job.

Options include studying abroad, completing an internship, working at a summer camp and much more, so if this is something that appeals to you, start to explore your options!

"I would definitely recommend the working abroad to other students! It has been an extremely valuable and rewarding experience that will definitely impact on my future career choices. Not only has the internship itself been extremely fulfilling, but the opportunity to explore another country has been very exciting!"

Alex Mills -
LJMU Tourism and Leisure graduate

Help and support available to you:

LJMU Go Abroad Team

Whether you wish to study, intern or volunteer abroad, there are a range of opportunities available to you via multiple funding routes. LJMU have a dedicated team of officers ready to advise you of the options. Check out the Go Abroad website for more information.

Download you Career Mini Guide

For further information about getting international opportunities download our handy ‘Working Abroad’ mini guide from the resources page.

Careers Zones visits and and campus talks

A number of working holiday providers such as Camp America, Camp Leaders, CCUSA and JET visit LJMU each year to promote their summer and year-long placement programmes. These programmes are a great way to travel, meet new people, experience different cultures and gain skills and experiences that will look great on your CV. Keep an eye on our events website for details of Careers Zone visits and campus talks, which usually take place during the autumn term each year.