Results 2020

Results 2020

Results 2020

I have revised results, will you reconsider my place?

If your centre assessed grade meets or exceed the conditions of your original offer

You will be accepted onto your programme. We will hold your offer until 7 September (UCAS’ advisory deadline for applicants to meet academic offer conditions).

However, applicants who have applied for programmes where we have strict limitations due to regulated numbers may be offered deferred entry. These programmes are:

  • Adult Nursing
  • Child Nursing
  • Mental Health Nursing
  • Midwifery
  • Paramedic Science
  • Primary Education

If your revised results do not meet the conditions of our offer

If you don’t meet the conditions of our offer we will re-consider your application only if there are still spaces on the programme you originally had an offer for. 

If you wish to discuss any aspect of your application with Liverpool John Moores University, please contact the relevant admissions team. Contact details can be found on the applicant site.

I would like my offer to be reinstated based on my revised results

Please be aware that your place will not be automatically reinstated. We will not receive your centre assessed grades until Friday 21 August at the earliest so we are happy to accept your revised grades by email from your school or college and will verify your results when we receive them from your awarding body via UCAS. Please email your results to the relevant admissions team. Contact details can be found applicant site.

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