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You've got your place – what's next?

Next steps for late applicants

Don’t worry if you’re making a late application through Clearing or Adjustment – we’re here to provide support and guidance about some of the next steps you need to take.

Check out the FAQ below to find out what you need to do now that you've gained a place at LJMU.

How do I apply for student finance?

If you need help and advice about how to apply for your grants or loans or have any questions about student funding you can call the Student Advice Team on 0151 231 3153 or 0151 231 3154 or email

For detailed information about fees, bursaries and scholarships, please visit our fees and funding section.

I have already applied for student finance, what do I need to do?

If you have already applied for student finance but now need to change the course or university on your student finance application, you can update your application by logging onto Student Finance section of GOV.UK.

If you go into My Account you can update your course and/or university online.

I haven't yet applied for student finance, what do I need to do?

If you have applied to go to university via Clearing and have not yet applied for your student finance, it is not too late to do so. You should log onto the Student Finance section of GOV.UK and apply as soon as possible.

Student Finance England resources

Student Finance England have some useful information to support you through the Clearing process. Take a look at the Going Through Clearing film to ensure you get paid correctly and as quickly as possible.

How do I register as a student?

After you have accepted your place to study at LJMU you will be sent further information, either in the post (or via email if you are an international student) on what you need to do before you arrive at the University to start your degree. This will include:

  • Activating your LJMU computer account 
  • Uploading a photo for your student ID card 
  • Completing your online registration 
  • Planning for your Induction Week 

The University’s Before You Arrive microsite has all the guidance you need to complete these successfully and tips on getting ready for university life.

How do I book accommodation?

The good news is that all students who secure a place at LJMU during the Clearing period are guaranteed a room in one of our approved Halls. This applies if you received an offer via our Clearing hotline, if LJMU was your insurance choice or even if you were always coming to LJMU but haven’t requested accommodation earlier. 90% of our rooms are en-suite and so we can guarantee that too if that is your preference.

As soon as you receive an offer from LJMU, complete and submit our online request form and we’ll do the rest. If you have received a verbal offer you can submit the form but we can’t allocate you to a Hall until UCAS Track shows that you have formally accepted the offer from LJMU.

The online form asks for some personal information and also asks for your preferences – which may be a specific Hall, a type of room, a location or whatever is important to you. If you specify a Hall, we will try to give you a room there but if we can’t, we will give you a room in a Hall listed on our website which is convenient for your course.

Once we have received your request and we can see that you have formally accepted an offer from LJMU, we will allocate you to a Hall which matches your preferences as closely as possible. Your new landlord will send you an email with details of your room and what you need to do next to complete the booking.

For further information see our accommodation section.

What happens during Induction Week?

Induction Week marks the start of your life as a student at LJMU. Please check back soon as we'll outline what you can expect from your Induction Week.