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Call for abstracts

BABAO 2017

Invitation to submit scientific and public abstracts

Researchers are invited to submit one abstract as first author for the scientific sessions and will be required to indicate their research theme and preference for a podium or poster presentation. 

Research themes are:

  • Palaeoanthropology and primate evolution
  • Forensic Anthropology
  • Bioarchaeology and Archaeological Science
  • Molecules and Isotopes 
  • Palaeopathology
  • Human Adaptation and Variation
  • Dental Anthropology
  • Primatology
  • New and emerging technologies in bioarchaeology

In addition, BABAO delegates will be able to contribute two abstracts to the “Being Human Festival” that takes place in the city. Each delegate will be able to propose an activity for each of the following events:

Saturday 4pm – 5pm: Public Exhibition

An exhibition style event where the public can come in and look at your posters, some of your materials, take part in small experiments. This will take place in the conference venue and will be followed by a public lecture by Dr Alice Roberts (5pm-6pm).

Sunday 2pm – 5pm: Meet the Anthropologist in the World Museum 

Family science event in the World Museum Liverpool. You will be allocated a table/display area in a museum space and talk to the public about your work. If you work on a Roman site you may choose to be in the Roman Gallery; if your research involves fish consumption in the past you may prefer to be in the aquarium. 

Abstract submissions are by online form only. You will need to register and pay for the conference separately from the abstract submission using the registration link.

The online submission forms are available here:

The deadline for abstract submission is June 9 2017

Conference Programme

The provisional conference programme is now available to download here

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