Being Human Festival


What does it mean to be human? This can mean very different things to different people:

  • Is it expressing ourselves through music, dancing, clothes and art?
  • Is it walking on two feet, being able to speak, and cooking and cutting food before we eat it?
  • Is it being born helpless and dependent on others, and then living to old age and helping to bring up grandchildren?

‘Being Human’ is a free, two-day arts and science festival, taking place on Saturday 9 and Sunday 10 September 2017, which explores the question of just what it is to be human.

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On Saturday 9, families can explore what ‘Being Human’ means through exciting and interactive activities throughout the city of Liverpool, ranging from joining in a scratch choir to finding out what your fingerprints say about you.

This will be followed by an exhibition by international researchers on what we can learn from studying human skeletons, including a chance to see a replica of Richard III’s skeleton and demonstrations of 3D printing.

The Saturday programme will be topped off with a public talk by world-renowned palaeoanthropologist, Professor Chris Stringer, on how a host of recent new discoveries are changing our view about how our species evolved.

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On Sunday 10th September you can come and ‘Meet the Scientist’ in the World Museum. On Sunday afternoon, anthropologists from across the UK will host a dozen activities in the museum – featuring forensics, cave painting, walking like prehistoric humans and playing a DNA game, to name a few. Come along and take part in our ‘Being Human’ events!

Take part in the Being Human treasure trail

Download your treasure map here or pick one up from one of our activities.

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Collect a sticker after completing each activity. If you get at least 5 stickers you can pick up a prize and certificate in the John Lennon Art and Design Building (Saturday) or in the World Museum (Sunday).

Our festival is not affiliated with the national Being Human festival of the humanities, taking place at venues across the UK 17-25 November. For details of the national festival please see