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Programme Highlights

Celebrating Liverpool’s Biocultural Diversity – Digital Photography Exhibition

Open Eye Gallery, Saturday 9 and Sunday 10 September

When scientists look at pictures, they don’t always see the same thing other people do. Come and take a look at some archival photos of ‘Liverpudlians’ taken in the 1930s-70s to see what they mean to dental, evolutionary and forensic anthropologists from Liverpool John Moores University.

Human Origins: Where Are We Now?

Public Lecture, John Lennon Art and Design Building Lecture Theatre, Saturday 9 September, 5-6pm

Professor Chris Stringer is an engaging and dynamic speaker who made the Evening Standard’s list of the “Most Influential People of 2012” as “Britain’s foremost expert on human evolution and a pioneer in this rapidly changing field”. He is well known for his TV appearances such as the BBC One Show, Museum of Life, radio interviews and is a frequent commentator on national and international news outlets.

Chris has written several popular science books on human evolution and will be giving us an overview of human evolution in his engaging talk entitled: Human origins: where are we now?

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Discovery and Identification of Richard III

John Lennon Art and Design Building, Studio 1, Saturday 9 September, 4pm-5pm)

As part of the public exhibition on Saturday, Dr Alison Brough from Liverpool John Moores University and colleagues will be presenting the story of Richard III, the ‘King in the Car Park’. Not only will you be able to see a four-dimensional video of Richard III’s skull, there will be an interactive game and a replica of his bones on display.

Make Your Own Palaeolithic Cave Painting

World Museum, Sunday 10 September, 2pm-5pm

Cave paintings are the prehistoric images found on the walls of caves all around the world, with the oldest dating back to 32,000 years ago. Come and find out what prehistoric art looks like, how it was done and have a go at creating your very own Paleolithic Cave Painting!