European Conference on Behavioural Biology

Purchase an ECBB t-shirt

ECBB t-shirt

ECBB t-shirts featuring the conference logo are available to purchase. You can choose between red or blue (blue is a different type of t-shirt so the cost is slightly higher). Fabric is 100% cotton.

Red: £15.00
Blue: £20.00

Order your t-shirt

You'll be asked to select a colour and a size. Sizes are more at the lower end (see below). So, if you don't like your t-shirts tight fitting, then choose a larger size. Orders have to be placed by Wednesday, 25 July 2018.

   S  M L XL XXL
Chest to fit (inches)  35-37  38-40 41-43  44-46  47-49 
Actual chest (cm)  46  51  56  61  66 
Body length (cm)  66.5  69  71.5  74  76.5 
Size tolerance +/- 2.5cm           

ECBB t-shirt

Remember to place your order by Wednesday, 25 July 2018.

Order your t-shirt

(Please note: the photo of the red t-shirt does not display the logo to scale, see blue version above for reference.)