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Research Fair

Join us at the Research Fair

Preceding the ICCE Global Coach Conference 2017, researchers, coaches and coach developers are invited to the ICCE Research Fair, 29-30 July, to promote collaboration and understanding.

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Master Classes

The Research Fair will include Master Classes all day on 29 July and on the morning of 30 July, they will cover different topics and will be led by the ICCE’s research committee members:

  • Interpersonal coaching behaviours
    – Jean Côté

  • Who looks after the coach? High performance coach wellbeing
    – Sergio Lara-Bercial

  • The coach as a lifelong learner
    – Christine Nash and Larissa Galatti

  • Building team culture
    – Wade Gilbert

  • The contribution of different disciplinary perspectives to describing, explaining, and changing sport coaching practice: the work disciplines do, and the chances of synthesis
    – Julian North

  • Developing the coach developer
    – Kristen Dieffenbach and Masamitsu Ito

  • Social identity approach to leadership
    – Cliff Mallett

  • High performance coach development
  • – Pierre Trudel
  • Developing athlete decision making
  • – Dr. Donna O’Connor  

Each session will be 80 minutes and will include: a short review of literature on the topic, discussion on a few articles by invited researchers and open discussion with the audience.

The cost of the Research Fair is £70 and includes workshops, lunch and refreshments.

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