Sport coaching


The Power of Sport - Student Conference 2018

The Conference will explore five strands

This conference aims to explore how five sport and health related disciplines all play a role in developing the health and wellbeing of the nation. You'll find further information about each strand below.

Sport Coaching

The Sport Coaching strand will explore research and case studies from elite to community provisions, covering areas such as the social and environmental effects on coaching pedagogy and process, creating and applying advance-training programmes suitable for a needs analysis of an athlete and exploring the use of psychological aspects of coaching.

The keynote for the Sport Coaching strand will be Mike Phelan, English Professional Football Coach and Player. Mike is a former Manchester United player and coach and worked alongside Alex Ferguson for many years. Mike will share his passion for coaching at various levels of ages on the day.

For more information regarding this strand please contact Dr Nic Rowley.

Sport Development

The Sport Development strand will focus on exploring practical examples of the contribution sport has, and can make, to the health and wellbeing of individuals and communities. In particular, the strand will present research findings and the results of action-based projects on:

  • Creating new opportunities to increase participant engagement
  • Tackling marginalised and under-represented groups
  • Understanding the lessons from how sports systems deliver sport
  • Evidencing the impact of interventions

The keynote for this strand will be Clare Barrell, International Development Advisor in Sport and Sport for Development at UK Sport. For the past 10 years, Clare has been involved in designing, scoping, advising on, raising funds for or delivering complex, multi stakeholder international development projects in sport or sport for development and peace in over 20 countries across four continents.

For more information regarding this strand please contact Danny Cullinane.

Sport Business

The aim of the strand is to enable discussions from a wide range of areas in sport business contributing to the health and wellbeing of individuals. Areas for discussion and to promote thought include topics on:

  • Women in sport (looking at the growth in women’s sport; identity and image though sport and women in business)
  • Development and use of technology in sport (wearable technology, sport applications, virtual sport clubs)
  • The development of sport programmes engaging and empowering communities
  • The discourse surrounding responsible marketing of physical activities and sport

The keynote speaker for this strand will be Vikki Allen, former Head of Executive Club at Manchester United. Vikki will discuss her previous role at Manchester United where she delivered world-class experiences within a world-class football club.

For more information regarding this strand please contact Dr Ingrid Griffiths.

Physical Education

The Physical Education strand will explore research and case studies from all aspects of physical education such as physical literacy, learning through, in and about PE, health and wellbeing, pedagogy (models and non-linear), assessment and use of ICT in PE.

The keynote for this strand will be Olympic, European and World Student Games medallist Kelly Massey, who will be sharing her experiences as an athlete and as a PE teacher for six years. For the past two years Kelly has been a funded athlete and recently retired in January. Since then she has started her own company providing mentoring, educational workshops, guest speaking and coaching.

For more information about this strand please contact Nigel Green.

Food, Nutrition and Health

The Food, Nutrition and Health strand will explore and present research and project work from a wide range of areas covered by the multidisciplinary nature of this subject area. Many contributing factors will be considered, to include: the development of new food products, a holistic approach to food and nutrition, physical activity and nutrition for specific target populations, nutritional needs and food trends, the importance of physical activity for health and well-being, and some areas of elite sports nutrition.

The keynote for this strand will be Dr Colin Robertson, Head of the Athletic Development Centre (Bolton One), and the Research Co-ordinator of the country’s leading Sports Rehabilitation department at the University of Bolton. Over the past five years Colin has travelled the globe to speak at an extensive number of international conferences, on issues and topics ranging from nutrition, chronobiology, athlete preparation, and the changing state of health in western industrialised countries.

For more information regarding this strand please contact Lucy Richardson, Liz Mahon or Wendy Johnston.