Scholarships & Bursaries

 At Liverpool John Moores University we offer a range of funds and scholarships, some of which focus on rewarding excellence and ability and others to alleviate the financial pressures experienced by students.

LJMU provides students a truly unique higher education experience; one that places work-related learning and skills development at the heart of every undergraduate degree without compromising on the academic quality of our programmes. Our mission is to serve and enrich our students and communities by providing opportunities for advancement through education, training, research and the transfer of knowledge.

LJMU is a contemporary university in one of the most famous cities in the world and we aim to give people the opportunity to maximise their potential in an environment that is stimulating, challenging and exciting, and are particularly committed to providing opportunities for talented people from backgrounds where a university education is not always seen as a viable option.

This is why we offer a comprehensive range of Scholarships and Bursaries to help our students throughout their studies, and ensure they can ‘Dream Plan Achieve’.  As well as LJMU’s Opportunity Fund we are particularly fortunate and privileged to be supported by a number of generous individuals,  members of staff at LJMU, companies and organisations who also fund Scholarships, Bursaries and Prizes in their name.

Establishing a Scholarship, Prize or Bursary is an excellent way of helping to ensure that the most gifted students, regardless of their circumstances, can have the opportunity to study at LJMU and achieve their dreams. 

If you are a student at LJMU and require financial support, to discuss your needs and how to apply for scholarships and bursaries, please contact Student Advice & Wellbeing on 0151 904 6057.

If you are contemplating establishing a new Scholarship, Prize or Bursary at LJMU, please speak initially with Colette Glanvill on 0151 231 3292.

The University extends its thanks as always to the many individuals and organisations for their wonderful support which creates unique opportunities for our students here at LJMU.

Ways to Give

On-Line Giving Page
Give As You Earn 

Thank you for choosing to make a real difference to the University and to our students. There are a number of ways of contributing financially to the future of Liverpool John Moores University, to provide facilities and support students, be a part of capital projects, enhance academic programmes and participate in the community around us, which simply isn't possible from government funding alone.

Your gift to our annual fund provides valuable, financial support throughout the University for various projects and initiatives. Alternatively, if you would like your gift to be directed to a specific project within the University, please contact our Development Manager who will be happy to discuss your thoughts.

You can make your donation to Liverpool John Moores University in a number of ways including by cheque (payable to 'LJMU'), credit card, direct debit or by Give As You Earn. Thanks to the government's Gift Aid regulations, enabling charities to reclaim the basic rate of tax on donations, you can increase the value of your gift to the University at no extra cost to you.

Single gifts

The University accepts all major credit cards, cheque payments, CAF vouchers and electronic fund transfer. You can also donate shares, securities and properties, as well as gifts in kind.

Online single gifts

You can make a secure gift to the University using our online donation page by credit card. 

Regular and committed giving

Many donors choose to make a regular gift, making payments on a monthly, quarterly or bi-annual basis by setting up a direct debit. This not only helps the donor budget their payments and perhaps allows for a more substantial gift, but it is also particularly valuable to the university as it creates dependable income which allows both long term planning of funding and flexibility to respond to needs as they arise. 

Giving tax effectively

The Gift Aid scheme enables us to claim back the tax on gifts from UK taxpayers, increasing the value of the gift by 28% at no extra cost to you. For every one pound you give, we get an extra 28 pence - that's almost a third again extra and it doesn't cost you a penny. If you are a higher rate taxpayer, you can reclaim an additional 18% personal tax relief against the value of your gift; the difference between the higher rate of tax that you pay and the basic rate, which can be reclaimed in your own tax return.

 In addition, gifts of stock and property can be given with very significant tax relief to the donor.

Most gifts of shares enable the donor to receive income tax relief based on 100% of the market value of the shares given in addition to capital gains tax relief. If you would like to discuss making a gift of shares to LJMU, please contact our office on 0151 231 3292.

Please note that donations made by CAF voucher or Give As You Earn are not eligible for Gift Aid.

Give As You Earn

LJMU operates the charitable giving scheme 'Give As You Earn' (GAYE) which is the simplest way to give to charity direct from your pay, tax free.

GAYE is the most tax-effective way for individuals to donate regularly as your contribution is deducted from your salary before tax. So, for every £10.00 you give, it will only cost you £7.80 because you save £2.20 as the basic tax rate (higher rate tax payers will only pay £6.00). 

Remembering LJMU by leaving a legacy

Remembering Liverpool John Moores University in your will provides a lasting legacy of support. Pledges of this kind, large or small, are greatly appreciated. They are extremely important to the long-term future of the University in benefiting generations of students.

Your solicitor can advise you on the best way to record your intentions but please feel free to contact our office on 0151 231 3292 to discuss your wishes and how you would like your gift to be used.

Page last modified 03 December 2012.

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