Scholarships and bursaries

Information for international 2017/18 postgraduates

Applying for a scholarship or bursary

A prestigious scholarship or bursary could help fund your study

If you’re an international student, you could receive one of the following:    

International Scholarship Award

International Scholarship Award

Amount Awarded? £2,000

What is it? The International Scholarship Award is offered to all self-funded international students applying for a full-time master’s degree programme at LJMU who meet the full conditions of their offer.

The scholarship is worth £2,000 which goes towards the tuition fee of a full-time master’s degree.

Who can apply?   

To be considered for the award you must apply for a full-time master’s degree at LJMU and

  • Be a self-funded international student
  • Meet any conditions stated in your LJMU offer letter
  • Not already benefit from an existing scholarship award or sponsorship
  • Not have studied at LJMU previously (please see Alumni Discount)

What is the application process?

There is no separate application process. All eligible applications will be automatically considered for the award. You do not need to submit a separate application for the Scholarship.

Details of eligibility for the scholarship will be included in your offer letter and confirmation of the scholarship award will be confirmed in your CAS letter. 

All current applicants and offer holders for PGT courses will be contacted to let them know of the offer. Agents will also be informed of the offering.