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Fees and funding for NHS students

Information for students studying nursing or midwifery starting in September 2017

NHS funding is changing

If you are a new student starting a nursing or midwifery course in England from August 2017 onwards will no longer be able to apply for NHS bursaries. Instead you will be funded via the standard student finance package and will be able to apply for tuition fee and maintenance loans (if personally eligible) to cover course fees and living costs.

Please note that as courses in midwifery and nursing are longer than non-healthcare courses, you may be eligible to receive a higher rate of maintenance loan.

Some additional allowances for nursing or midwifery students are also being developed, the final details of these are not yet confirmed but it is proposed they will include help with travel costs to placement. The amount you will be eligible to apply for depends on where in the UK you normally live and your household income. Students from England will also be eligible to apply for an additional grant for dependants.

How to apply for funding

You can apply for your student funding from the January before you start your studies. So, for students starting in September 2017, this will be from January 2017 onwards.

To make sure you receive your money for the start of term, apply for your funding before the end of May. Don’t worry though – you can still apply after this date, but you may not get your loan at the start of term.

To apply for funding, please visit your government website:

More information

You may want to look at the Council of Deans website for more information or contact student advice.

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