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Progression bursaries 

Every year Liverpool John Moores University awards over £4 million worth of bursaries and scholarships


Liverpool John Moores University Progression Bursary

Amount awarded: £500 each year for the duration of your courses (two installments of £250)

Number of bursaries awarded: All eligible students automatically receive a bursary

A bursary is extra funding which is paid by the University to students from low-income households. Bursaries are paid on top of any other student finance into your bank or building society account and you don’t have to pay the money back.

You do not need to apply for a Liverpool John Moores University Progression Bursary. You will receive one automatically if you are eligible.

Payment dates

The expected payment dates (for September courses) are:

  • The last Friday in November
  • The last Friday in April

The expected payment dates (for March/April start courses) are:

  • The last Friday in January
  • The last Friday in June

You will receive £250 on each payment date if you meet the eligibility criteria. The Student Loans Company will write to you to confirm these payment dates once we have all of your information.

  • You are a UK student and meet the residency rules for student finance
  • Your household income is below £25,000
  • You are paying the full tuition fee relevant to your cohort (£9,250 for those starting in 2019) via a student loan or other means
  • You must have responded to the email you are sent to confirm your attendance. This needs to be done by the required date or the bursary won’t be paid

Your Bursary: fact file