Student support during COVID-19

Coping with self-isolation and social distancing


It’s important you look after yourself while self-isolating. Follow these quick tips to stay on top of your own wellbeing.

  • Get into a routine - Having a structure to your day can provide a sense of comfort and control at a time when you may be feeling unsettled and anxious. Plan your day and some simple, achievable things you want to do, from calling your friends/family to keeping on top of your studies and assignments.
  • Eat well, stay hydrated and sleep - Binge watching Netflix and over-using Deliveroo can negatively impact on your wellbeing (and your finances). Try to make sure you take time to cook well for yourself, take a look at some budget cooking ideas. Check out LJMU’s nutrition expert Professor Graeme Close’s tips for a healthy diet. Make sure you get enough sleep so that you feel rested and ready for the next day. Try to give yourself 30 minutes screen-free time before you get ready for bed.
  • Exercise and try to get outside - Physical exercise will boost your wellbeing and help add structure to your day. Try where possible to make some time outside to go for a walk/run/bike ride – be sure to observe social distancing guidelines. 
  • Rest and reflect - It’s important to take time out for yourself. The torrent of news updates and information on social media can be overwhelming. Give yourself some respite and have some screen-free time. Why not try some mindfulness exercises. Don’t forget to try and keep your space organised and tidy to help you relax and unwind.

Stay in touch

There are lots of different ways to stay in touch with friends and family while you are in self-isolation so use the range of technology and social media available to help stay connected. Even though it’s obviously not the same as meeting up in person, seeing familiar faces via video calls can really help and be of comfort especially if you are feeling lonely. Why not try a quiz night with your friends via House Party or a coffee and catch-up over Zoom?.

If you are still in living in Liverpool and are feeling lonely or in need of contact from someone at the university, check out the JMSU Hangout on Facebook or contact our Student Wellbeing team who will be able to offer support.


If you are well enough and keen to contribute then volunteering is an excellent way to support your local community and also boost your own wellbeing.

  • The Health Minister launched a call for volunteers to support vulnerable people to stay safe and well at home. If you would like to get involved, you can sign up as an NHS volunteer
  • There are a number of Covid 19 Mutual Aid support groups for local neighbourhood areas
  • Find out if your building, road or community has a WhatsApp group and see how you can help out or make new connections where you live. If there isn’t one, then why not start one yourself and download a quick note to customise?