All faiths are welcome within our global University

We welcome all faiths

People of all faiths (as well those without a faith) study and work together within our secular institution.

Networks, groups and facilities

Your faith is important to us, which is why we have lots of support networks, groups and facilities you can use whilst working or studying with us. Here are just a few:

Get involved with Faith Express

What is Faith Express?

Faith Express is a drop-in centre where you can go if you want a quiet spot to pray or study, a welcoming cup of tea or you just need to use their Wi-Fi. Faith Express will also provide you with information about all faiths and places of worship within Liverpool.

What events are held at Faith Express?

Faith Express have plenty of events you can get involved with. Check out their Calendar for more information.

Who can use Faith Express?

All staff and students are welcome at Faith Express.

Where is Faith Express?

You’ll find Faith Express at the rear of the Foundation Building, Brownlow Hill, Liverpool L69 3BX.

Use your multi-faith rooms

What are the multi-faith rooms?

The multi-faith rooms are welcoming and accessible spaces for students and staff of all faiths, non-faiths and traditions.

The rooms are used for prayer or quiet reflection. The spaces are also used for spiritual support meetings by groups of students and staff.

Where are the multi-faith rooms?

There are three spaces, which can be found at:

Meet your Chaplaincy team

The chaplaincy team are always available to for a friendly chat. They can offer:

  • Friendship
  • Conversation
  • Pastoral care
  • Spiritual support

Meet the team:

Father James O.P.
Catholic Chaplain
Tel: 0151 709 3858

April Banton
Methodist Chaplain
Tel: 07587399076
Twitter: @aprilbanton

Ryan Cook
Anglican Chaplain to the students
Tel: 07726591121
Twitter: @ryancook

Join a religious society or group

As a student, you could join a religious society or group, including the:

As a secular institution, we celebrate our cultural variety and promote respect tolerance and equality amongst our spirituality diverse student and staff population. 

Professor Nigel Weatherill, Vice-Chancellor