Bob Cornect

Bob Cornect

LJMU’s MSc in Astrophysics is delivered by world-leading researchers and allows students the opportunity to carry out original research in a wide range of areas. Students are able to utilise the University’s access to the Liverpool Telescope, a two metre aperture research-quality robotic telescope, sited on La Palma in the Canary Islands.

Since graduating from LJMU, Bob has widened his international experiences further by working for the Hydrocarbon Finder, Oman. He is also involved with several astronomical collaborations in his spare time:

“I am a collaborator with the ASASSN Super Nova Detection project along with my LJMU Masters supervisor, Dr David Bersier”

During the project, the pair have discovered three Super Novae and one Tidal Disruption Event so far. Bob also works with other educational institutions:

“I have developed a professional/amateur collaboration looking at the star cluster NGC1851 to detect and confirm RR-Lyrae stars for entry into a Globular Cluster Catalogue.”

The skills and experiences that Bob honed while studying at LJMU provided him with the specialist knowledge needed to succeed in his chosen industry.

In addition, the Perth-born, LJMU alumni gives back to his community through local out-reach at the Perth Observatory as a volunteer presenter.