Ionut Stamat

Ionut Stamat

LJMU’s world-class support for international students ensures they are guided through every step of the process. Ionut quickly settled into his course after being greeted by welcoming staff, “they are really nice. An awesome thing about LJMU is the lecturer-student relationship. The atmosphere in the class room was really relaxed and enjoyable.”

Even though Ionut had already travelled a long way, he still wanted to further develop his international experience. LJMU facilitated his sense of adventure by offering a field trip to Tanzania where the class camped and carried out projects in the African forest.

“I learned how to use the Geographical Information Systems and to work with a GPS. But the best thing of all was that at LJMU, we learned how to fly drones and how to use them for conservation projects such as mapping.”

The Romanian student acquired his dream job just a few weeks after submitting his dissertation. Ionut now works as an ecologist, helping companies to obtain environmental permits for their projects by performing environmental studies on their perimeter. He identifies the fauna species around the area as well as their conservation status.

“My degree gave me almost all the skills required for my job. I have all the desired abilities that my employer wanted from me.”

Ionut is extremely proud of his degree and grateful that it provided him with the opportunity he had always wanted. He now stays connected to the university as an alumni member, “everyone is still able to communicate with each other and I get to stay in touch with some of the awesome people I met at LJMU.”