Wei Yin Ong

Wei Yin Ong

Studying Business Management at LJMU has prepared Wei Yin for her new career, “In some lectures, we were required to debate on a particular topic in groups under a limited time. This experience trained me to respond to issues immediately and accurately.”

Wei Yin valued the detail and specificity of the course as well as its broad scope, “It allowed me to look into a particular topic from various perspectives so that every issue or matter was handled comprehensively.”

During her studies, Wei Yin took park in many of the university’s sports clubs and societies, “I joined both the badminton and library club and participated in planning, arranging and facilitating several events. These included the student orientation programme, the recycling campaign and a motivational workshop for 100 secondary school students.”

The experiences enabled Wei Yin to broaden her network of contacts and most importantly, to work together, “I learned the importance of teamwork and communication when it comes to achieving a common goal with people from diverse backgrounds and cultures.”

Wei Yin’s career as an associate business analyst is extremely multi-faceted, “my typical day includes creating marketing strategies, tailored research and product development.”

The skills and theories that she acquired at LJMU have equipped her with the knowledge and experiences required to carry out the tasks assigned to her at work. “One of the assignments in my final year project involved creating a marketing plan for a newly established business. Though it was challenging, it enabled me to identify the possible problems I would face. I truly feel that I gained a huge insight into how businesses operate in the real world by studying at LJMU.”

By being part of LJMU’s alumni, Wei Yin has been able to give back to the university by offering new students some advice and information, “I believe this definitely helps them to be mentally prepared for the expectations set for them as students as well as how to make the most of their international experience at LJMU.”