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International Winter School

Art, design, media and screen

25 January - 29 January 2021

This exciting Winter School, taught online this year for your safety, will enable you to discover new subjects and skills. You will also be able to learn about university culture in the UK at Liverpool John Moores University (LJMU). The School of Art and Design at LJMU dates from 1825 and is the second oldest art school in the UK outside of London. It has many famous former students, such as John Lennon and Paul McCartney from The Beatles music band. Liverpool is also the second most filmed city in the UK after London and appears in many international movies, TV shows and music videos. LJMU attracts expert, creative staff with industry and professional experience, and these will be teaching you on the Winter School.

Liverpool Screen School (media, film, journalism and drama)

By choosing this pathway you will explore the following subject areas:

Documentary Production with Camilla Affleck

With Camilla, you will consider what makes a good documentary story and the stages of producing documentary content. You will storyboard a documentary sequence and plan how you would research and create content.

Film Studies with Dr Ruth Doughty

Liverpool: The Filmmaker’s City. This session will explore how the city of Liverpool acts as a muse for filmmakers. Liverpool is the second most filmed city in the UK (following London). This talk will use clips to demonstrate the wealth of diverse locations and consider how the image of the city on screen has changed over time.

International Journalism with Dr Rex Li and Polly Sharpe

The world is changing rapidly and full of exciting stories. Journalists and international journalists are always needed to report global news that affects people in various countries. In this session, you will find out about how international stories are reported in the news via multimedia platforms such as print, online, television and radio. There will also be a virtual studio tour and an overview of broadcast journalism.

Musical Theatre with Dr Nick Phillips

Although musical theatre has existed for many centuries, its popularity is consistent and, of course, cities like New York and London offer the chance to see many spectacular musical theatre productions. During this session, you will consider what is unique and successful about Broadway musicals, but also cabaret, burlesque, melodrama and pantomime. You will get a chance to practice using your own voice and to examine new techniques.


You will learn about British culture in exciting sessions led by our Humanities Department.

Art, design and multimedia

By choosing this pathway you will explore the following subject areas:

Graphic Design with Dr Anne-Marie Bartlett

With Anne-Marie, you will learn graphic design and/or illustration software. You'll bring your own subject matter so that it can be transformed into a new design using the skills learned at this session.

Art in Science with Dr Mark Roughley

You will explore the fascinating mix of science and art. These often overlap, for example, in the worlds of forensics or police investigations. You will discover new 3D modelling software that allows artists to start with just a skull and build up the layers of bones, muscles, tendons and skin in order to produce a lifelike image of a person.

Fashion Innovation and Realisation with Kayla Owen

In this workshop you will consider your own designs and inspirations but learn how these could be transformed in surprising ways using LJMU resources. Ideas often have transdisciplinary outputs and might result in the creation of installations or gallery-based art works even though they start out as fashion.

Fine Art with Imogen Stidworthy and Bedwyr Williams

These practising, exhibiting, international artists will help you to explore your own practice and to consider how this could be stretched to become more challenging and interdisciplinary. You will discuss your own artistic thinking and examine new ways that work can be exhibited.

Creative Technology and Immersive Arts with Mark Smith

Creative Technology and Immersive Arts explore and exploit a variety of current and emerging digital tools, to develop engaging audience experiences and new storyworlds. These tools and techniques include: VR and projection mapping, wireless HTC Vives, Oculus Quests, Mixed Reality headsets, interactive sensors, 3D modelling tools, holographic displays, digital fabrication and 3D printing, 3D object scanners, 3D room scanners, 8K Stereoscopic 360 cameras, depth sensors. You will have the chance to learn about some of these technologies and production processes. There will be opportunities to experiment and be creative with your own ideas for content.


You will learn about British culture in exciting sessions led by our Humanities Department.

How to apply

To apply to the LJMU Winter School please contact Jennifer Cahill ( for an application form.

Application deadline is 16 December 2020 and payments must be received by 18 December 2020.

The cost of the programme is £480pp, discounts apply for our partner universities (please email Dr Julia Wang ( for more information).

Students will receive a certificate of attendance on completion of the programme and will have access to all LJMU online facilities.