Dealing with Junk Email

For many years, emails coming into LJMU have been scanned by a filtering system that prevents viruses and most spam and junk email from reaching your University inbox.  LJMU use  ‘Trend Micro Hosted Email Security’ and in 2018 the number of incoming emails that were blocked was 41,740,945. We continue to block approximately 80% of emails.

The system sends out an email several times per day to advise you of any messages that it has ‘quarantined’ for you (messages that the system has detected as likely to be spam).   These messages will come from your own email address with the subject: LJMU Quarantine Spam Report your email address, date and time.

The email will contain information such as:
Quarantine Email

This lets you review your quarantined messages. 

  • If you are confident the message is safe you can ‘Release’ an email to send it to your inbox
  • If you are confident this message and any other from the same address is safe, you can ‘Approve Sender & Release’ so that this and all future emails from this sender will be sent to your inbox.
  • If the system got it right and the message is spam, you don’t need to do anything.

NB: It is VERY IMPORTANT than you do not forward these messages to anybody else, as you would be giving another person direct access to your quarantined emails.

Trend Micro Logo

If you want to see more detail about the quarantined message(s), or if you’d like to see quarantined email from a different date and time than listed in the report, you can log into the TrendMicro’Hosted Email Security service and manage your quarantined messages from there.

You will find this link in the emailed report to take you to your quarantined messages:

  • If you click on this link from an LJMU PC, inside the university, and your default browser is set to Internet Explorer Or Edge, the link will automatically log you on to your spam report.

  •  If you log in via any other method including from Chrome on any PC, or from a phone or tablet, you will be prompted to login as shown below

(NB: this is the same login screen you may have used for accessing Canvas, Office365 or OneDrive).

To log in enter and your LJMU password.

IMPORTANT:This is NOT your email address. 

To illustrate, a member of staff called Andrew Testing from IT Services would log in using rather than

Junk Mail Screen

Trend Interface

Once logged in, Trend will default to showing one of your email addresses. From Managed Account dropdown list, choose “All managed Accounts” to show all your email addresses quarantined.

The screenshot below is an example of the spam management console with an example message ticked.  

Junk Mail Filter

If you click on the link with the date/ time for a message then you can see a preview of it:

Junk Mail Screen Check

Click ‘Message View’  and then choose ‘Message’  to see the actual message

Junk Mail Screen Check More

You have options to “Delete” the message, “Delete & Block Sender” (stops all messages from this sender reaching you), “Deliver” or “Deliver & Approve Sender”.  The latter two work in the same way as ‘Release’ and ‘Approve Sender & Release’ respectively in your emailed report.

Do you have other email addresses?

If you have additional addresses like distribution lists or Shared Mailboxes, you won’t be able to log in to manage your quarantined messages in the same way. You’ll still receive the quarantine emails and access in that way. If you still need the address, and want the additional features available from logging into Trend, you will need to register a separate account and password for each additional address.  To do this, go to: and click ‘Register a New Account’ (see below). Then just complete the form to register.

If you have any secondary email addresses, Shared mailbox or distribution list that you no longer need, please get in touch with the IT Services Helpdesk ( and ask to remove it. More email addresses especially older ones means more spam so always recommended to have them removed.