Exchange Online Email Migration

As part of the continuous improvement of IT systems we will be migrating users from our current “on premise” email servers to the new “Exchange Online” servers stored in the cloud. Exchange Online has many benefits including greater storage capacity and improved integration with the Office 365 applications. 

Please click here for instructions on how to remove old email configurations from your device.

Please select the appropriate tab below for specific information on how a given access method is affected by these changes.

Managed Desktop/Laptop
Your Personal Computer
Mobile Devices and Tablets
LJMU Web Mail

You shouldn’t notice many differences with the Outlook application. Outlook will automatically connect to your new migrated mailbox and all your tasks, calendar and mail will appear. Exchange Online will be using a feature called Cached Mode. This makes browsing through your emails a lot faster but also means that only emails up to 1 year old will be displayed in your mailbox. Using the search function in Outlook will return all results still even for emails older than 1 year.

If you need to have emails which are older than 1 year in our mailbox you can set Cached Mode to include older emails by following the steps below:

Select File in the top left-hand corner of your window: 

N.B. On a Mac it’s not possible to change the cache length you will be able to see all of your emails in your mailbox

You then need to select Account Settings (1). From the resulting drop-down menu, you then need to select Account settings again (2)

A window will appear with your email address (account name). Double click on your email address.


Using the slider, you can now increase the age of emails displayed in your mailbox.

Please note, emails older than one year will still be searchable but may not appear in your mailbox when browsing. If you regularly access emails more than a year old we recommend increasing the age of the emails that are cached.
You will need to restart Outlook for these changes to take affect though.

NB - for Mac users

To gain the full functionality of Exchange Online please ensure you enable "New Outlook" on your mac:

Outlook Email Client
Android Email Client
Apple Email Client

If you’re already accessing your emails via the Outlook app you will need to remove your LJMU email account and reregister it. To do this open the Outlook app and go to setting.

Click on your LJMU Email account

Now delete your account