Off Campus Installation Guides

One of the great benefits of the LJMU Off-Campus service is that it can be accessed from just about any device, however each of these devices need an initial setup process for the best experience possible.

Please select the relevant guide to see how to set up your device.

From Any Device With a Browser

The Off Campus Desktop Service can be used without having to install any software from your web browser e.g. Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge and Firefox from a Windows or OS X device.

This is intended as a quick and easy way of accessing the Off Campus Desktop but lacks the full performance capabilities you get when using the Workspace App.

After entering your username and password, you will be presented with the following page:

HTML 5 Detection screen

Simply click ‘Use light version’

Click on the Off Campus Desktop icon and the desktop will load in a new tab. 

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From Windows 10

The best way of accessing the Off Campus Desktop Service from Windows 10 is to install the Citrix Workspace App from the Microsoft Store.  The application is free and installs with a few clicks.

Windows 10 App

The first time you run the Workspace App, you will be prompted for your LJMU email address. 

A log on box will appear asking for your LJMU username and password. 

You will then be presented with an Off Campus Desktop icon.  Simply double click to launch the Desktop.

Desktop Viewer

You should only need to do this once and you will find Citrix Workspace on your Start Menu. Just click on this and log onto the Off Campus Desktop.

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From MacOS

Step by step guidance:

1. Navigate to and download the latest installer.

2. Double-click the installer, which will mount the .DMG as a virtual drive on your desktop.

3. A new window will open that has ‘Install Citrix Workspace’ and ‘Uninstall Citrix Workspace’ as options. Double click ‘Install Citrix Workspace’

4. Click Continue if a security prompt appears

5. Agree to the Licensing Agreement

6. Click Install

7. Enter the password of an administrator on your Mac OS system to begin installation.

8. Do not click ‘Add Account’

9. Close the installer, and accept the prompt to move the installer to Trash.

10. Click ‘Got it’ on the introductory screen to Workspace App

11. On the ‘Add Account’ screen, enter your LJMU email address

12. Click ‘Continue’ on the next prompt, and enter your LJMU username and password when prompted.

13. You have now successfully configured Workspace App for access to LJMU Off Campus.

Access to the Off Campus Desktop can now be as easy as searching in Spotlight and finding ‘Off Campus Desktop’ or alternatively dragging the Off Campus Desktop out of the Workspace App and pinning to the Dock.

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From iPad (or iPhone)

Search the App Store for the Citrix WorkSpace App.


Install the app.

App Ios

The first time you run the Workspace App, you will be prompted for your LJMU email address.

Welcome login

A Sign in box will appear asking for your LJMU Username and Password.

You can now access the Off Campus Desktop by clicking on the Citrix Workspace icon and logging on.

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From Android

Search the Play Store for the Citrix Workspace App and install.
Google Play Citrix App

Once installed, you can launch the Workspace App. There will be an initial security prompt concerning device access, please click deny to all settings (these choices will not affect the performance of the Off Campus Desktop).

Android Workspace Permissions

At the next screen, enter your email address

Android Sign In 1

A new screen will now appear, please enter your LJMU username and password.

Android Sign In 2
You can now access the Off Campus Desktop by clicking on the Citrix Workspace icon and logging on.

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The Off Campus service is primarily designed to be a convenient, fast method of delivering essential office applications and network access to all LJMU users

from multiple devices.

What is the technology behind the Off Campus Service?

The Off Campus service makes use of the latest Citrix Digital Workspace technology and allows you to access a LJMU Windows desktop from practically any device.

There are 10 Desktop servers all providing a lightweight, virtual desktop with the latest Office suite, internal Intranet access and network drives.

Powering the resource-heavy applications are 3 Application servers that run the majority of the applications used in the Off-Campus Desktop

Why are the applications on separate servers?

The model for Citrix is to have multiple users accessing a virtual desktop from one server – for example, 1 Desktop server could have 20 individual users on it, each working independently of one another.

If one user then started a resource intensive application or began data analysis, they would unwittingly be affecting the performance of the desktop for all the other users on that server.

Where is the App Player?

Although the App Player looked to be installed on the older version of Off Campus, it was actually a separate entity from the App Player you see on your managed client.

This meant that any software update had to be carried out on each Citrix server, plus any changes to the App Player itself would need to be carried out on every Citrix server.

What is the blue LJMU window when I login?

This window needs to be allowed to run as it is personalising the Off Campus desktop with your details, constructing the Start Menu and running performance


Why can’t I transfer data between the Off Campus desktop and my home device?

LJMU places great importance on the security and integrity of data within the LJMU network and the transfer of data out of the Off Campus desktop has been restricted.

This restriction also applies to uploading data to the Off Campus desktop to prevent any malicious code, virus being unwittingly transferred.

I run multiple applications and Internet tabs in the office, is it OK to do on the Off-Campus desktop?

Only run what you need to within the Off-Campus desktop – the key thing to remember is you are sharing the resource with a large number of other individuals

so if you have 20 Internet Explorer tabs running and a large Excel spreadsheet, this will invariably affect other users.


As most users access Off Campus via their home machines, all troubleshooting is carried out AT YOUR OWN RISK.

The first step for any connection failure is to clear out all browsing history from your Internet browser, or alternatively try a separate browser.

If you are accessing through the Workspace App, you can right-click on the icon and ‘Reset to default’ which will clear out all data and run through the setup steps again.

If you are still having problems, make sure that the network connection you are on is working correctly and that there is no new anti-virus blocking your Citrix connection.

Further issues:

I click LJMU Desktop and it only downloads an .ICA file?

You need to install the Citrix Workspace App using the instructions at the top of this webpage, or alternatively open Off Campus in Google Chrome/Safari to make use of the HTML5 Workspace.

I just get a black screen when I launch Off Campus?

Please try deleting all your browsing history and cached cookies – if you are accessing on a Windows device, try Internet Explorer and if you are on a iOS device, try Safari

Have you forgotten your password or has it expired? 

If so, please change it here:

If you are still having problems with your password please call the Off-Campus Support Team on 0151 231 3179