Off Campus Service Announcements

In order to improve the efficiency of using university software remotely, a number of changes are being made to the way Off Campus works from Monday 14 September.

The aim is to improve access to software for our students by offering it in a different way and offering some features of the current service via other, more efficient, routes.

One of the biggest changes is that Microsoft Office will no longer be available via Off Campus. This is primarily because there are far more efficient ways of accessing and using it than via Off Campus. If you do need to use Microsoft Office away from your normal place of work here are the three best ways to do so:

1.       Microsoft Office (including Outlook for Email and Calendar) can be installed on up to five of your own devices such as your tablet, laptop or phone. Any files you are working on can be saved and accessed using your OneDrive account.

You can install Microsoft Office on your device using your LJMU credentials to log in.

You may also find this guide we have prepared useful in guiding you through the installation process.

2.       Microsoft Office can also be run online using your web browser. Again, to do this simply visit and log in. Once you've done this you should see all the Microsoft Office Applications available to you as well as recent documents you've accessed.

 3.       You can access your email from any internet connected desktop, laptop or mobile devices such as tablets or phones via Outlook Web Access – click the 'email quick link' tile on the university staff homepage or via the native Outlook mobile app for your device.

Finally, for staff with an LJMU Anywhere laptop, Microsoft Office should already be installed on that device.

Another significant change to Off Campus will mean that you are no longer able to access your M:drive. For those of you using the M: drive to store your files we recommend transferring all the files you still require from the M: drive to Microsoft's OneDrive.

Once your files are transferred you can access them anywhere with an internet connection with OneDrive, giving you 1 terabyte of storage space. You may find the following guide helpful in setting up and using OneDrive.

The final major change to Off Campus is that you will no longer be able to remotely access your desktop via Off Campus. Again, this has been done because it is far more efficient to access your desktop PC remotely using the Fortinet VPN.

You may find this guide useful when accessing your desktop via Fortinet