Citrix Workspace App

The Off Campus Applications Service lets you access a wide range of applications on the LJMU network whilst away from the University or from non-University devices, allowing you to work from anywhere with an internet connection.

For the best experience, each kind of device needs some initial setup – to find out more about setting up your device, click the ‘Off Campus Installation Guide’ tile below and follow the instructions provided.

When you’re ready to start using the service, just click the ‘Access Off Campus Applications’ tile below and log in with your usual username and password.

Students - some of the software for your course needs to be run from our servers. These applications can all be accessed for free via the "Citrix Workplace Applications" - click on the appropriate link below for step by step instructions for downloading, installing and using "Citrix Workplace Applications" for your device:

Off Campus Apps for Windows
Off Campus Apps for Mac OS
Off Campus Apps for Chromebook

Off Campus Apps for Windows

1. Download the Citrix Workspaces App 

2. This will begin a download which will show in the bottom of your browser: 

3. Once the download has finished click on the arrow to the right and select open 

4. You may be prompted with the following dialogue box. Click yes 

5. Click start on the next screen: 

6. Accept the licence agreement and click Next on the following screen: 

7. Leave the next screen as it is, do not click any boxes, simply click Install 

8. The install will initialise and begin: 

9. Once installed the following window will appear: 

10. Click Add Account and on the next screen enter your details. You’ll now need to Sign in with your LJMU username followed by e.g 

11. In the next window click continue: 

12. Enter your username (just your username, no and your LJMU password and then select Sign in: 

13. Click Off Campus Store Apps and then click Select: 

14: Citrix Workspaces will now begin populating the applications, this may take some time: 

15. Once populated the applications will be available via this window: 

16. And from your start menu under JMU: 

17. These applications will now be accessible from the LJMU folder in your start menu from anywhere in the world, provided you have a connection to the internet 

18. Every time you run an application after restarting your computer you will be prompted to log in: 

19. Simply enter your LJMU username and password 

20. Once entered you will not be prompted to enter these details again until you restart your Computer 

21. Alternatively, you can launch the Workspaces Application itself from your taskbar:

22. Click on the arrow and then the blue citrix icon 

23. The first time you do this after a restart you will be prompted to enter your username and password: 

24. Once authenticated you will see the following screen and will be able to launch applications from here: